Game of Thrones Houses Re-Imagined as Nepali Ethnic Groups

Hodor or होडोर?

Clashing houses, sneering oppositions, spiteful slander, vicious competition, political instability and a whole lot of drama–the World of Westeros ain’t that different from Nepal.

But just imagine if the characters had to actually fight for the throne in this country. Bad CGI and polluted scenario aside, the characters would actually appear stunning in Nepali costumes.

So, we worked with one of our best artists to create a list of Nepali looks for all these fantastic characters!

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Martin: Nepali

Careful, love. 

Martin’s mind is more complicated than the entirety of Nepal’s political history. But doesn’t the black waistcoat of his daura suruwal bring out the all the wisdom in his eyes?

Dothraki: Raute

The only thing we love more than eating meat is not subscribing to normie civilization. We weren’t born in the wild, the wild was born in us.

Targaryen: Newari

I was born to rule the Kathmandu Kingdom. And I will. #the_valley_is_ours

Jon Snow: Sherpa

The face you make when you have a Lhosar celebration to attend at 11 but have to fight the White Walkers at 11:15.

Starks: Sherpa

The North Remembers or rather the Himalayas remember.

Try not to piss these two ladies off, Night King. The Sherpas will climb the walls just to come down gunning for you!

Tyrell: Tharu

Margaery Tyrell, the perfect embodiment of color and warmth--just like our Tharu women.

Lannisters: The Shahs

The real royalties and how they loved to dress. #just_ignore_the_family_drama_plz.

Baratheon: Gurung

All this stoic Gurkha warrior needs is a healthy dose of the Gurung Dance. Maybe that’s when we’ll finally see him smile.

Varys: Lama

No matter the shade of this character, his knowledge is as immense as of our mystical Lamas. Trust us, you have no idea what goes on under those robes.

Martell: Maruni Dancer (Bonus)

AND Here's a bonus for you!

Deny it all you want, but the similarity between Martell’s warrior methods and the Maruni dance is quite uncanny! #but_it_killed_him_anyway

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