8 Sorts Of Nepali Couples You Will Surely See Outside

What’s the worst thing about a so-in-love couple? The people who must witness the scene of their love affair. The funniest thing is that they usually believe they have popped out of a Nicholas Sparks movie. No thank you, but many of us have never been much of a rom-com lover. 

All of mankind’s obsession with romantic love shown in popular movies to cheesy songs to soulful poetry is real. It’s true falling in love is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Usually for the two people involved. Not for the entire world. As cliché as it may sound love is truly, utterly and unreasonably blind because it rarely views what or who’s around them. 

You may hate them, love them or cringe to their apparent affections. But here are a few types of couples you commonly see in the streets of Kathmandu. 

  1. 1 The Sunflowers

    Remember the thrill of the first date? You smile, and they smile back. A tingle runs down your spine and butterflies go haywire with the dazzling light of their smile. For a while, that’s one of the basic forms of communication you’ll have. 

    You’re decently shy, and demure. You’re even afraid that you’ll mess up while eating. So, you order the easiest thing to eat from the menu. All you see is smiles all around especially while looking at your date. 

    No doubt, this is the most beautiful stage in a relationship when love is at it’s liveliest. 

    If you happen to see this type of couple in the streets, let their affectionate smiles also seep into you, and make your day. Now, isn’t that adorable?

  2. 2 The Siamese Twins

    I’ve often heard that love makes your day go around. But does it also make you act like a glue? Quite literally in fact! Pretty sure you have seen this type of couple around, who act as if their public displays of affection are for everyone to see. 

    Whether they’re in the movies or in a coffee place, they will hold hands, talk 2 centimetres apart like they’re trading oxygen and, well…their hands will be all over each other!

    If you see them sneaking around somewhere, you know better than thinking about what series of action lies after that! Mind your own business!

  3. 3 The Best Friends

    Isn’t love good companionship most of all? Someone who will bear with us while we complain about our day, laugh at our jokes and hold us when we cry about the silliest things. The best friends couple are those who are completely at ease with each other.

    It’s often said, that the real milestone of a relationship is that first open fart. We can surmise that they’ve already had enough of these (you don’t have to imagine it). 

    You can often see them cracking jokes, teasing each other and just enjoying each other’s company. Most often, they have been together for a long time and all the initial awkward air has been dissolved. 

    Don’t mistake me. They are very much in love. Just over the stage of having to show PDA every five minutes. 

  4. 4 The Social Media Fanatics

    What’s the best thing about being in a relationship (for some people)? The ability to show if off to the entire world like it’s their greatest achievement. And, social media is just the perfect way to do this. 

    If they are out on dates, you can see them taking hundreds of pictures instead of enjoying the food that will tragically become cold by the time they eat it. If you’re lucky (or unlucky) you might be the sad poor one who gets requested to click their picture. 

    You’ll smile your most social- friendly smile and say okay. After this? They will pose in variant ways while you stand in front of them, capturing their every antic. 

  5. 5 The Foodies For Life

    There’s no better way to bond as a couple than through food. Sharing a love for food makes you instantaneously agree on a lot of things. And avoid unnecessary disagreements regarding what or where to eat.

    The simple conclusion we can make is that foody couples are happy couples. 

    If you see a cute couple somewhere in a tiny bistro or a street food corner, happily gorging on both food and each other’s company, know that they are having the time of their life. 

  6. 6 The Edward Cullens

    Believe it or not there are Edward Cullens in real life. Ever seen a guy get super protective about his girlfriend? Or it could be the other way around too. 

    They have a tight arm clad around their shoulder or waist as if to show who she/he belongs to. 

    If you’ve always fancied a human cage, just find a super overprotective boyfriend. 

  7. 7 The Gym Freaks

    What’s worse than sweaty people huffing and grunting at the gym? Couples who do it together. In fact, there are couples who work out together at the gym and make it a point to show everyone that they are a thing. 

    Clad in tight pants and tank-top, glistening with sweat on top of that, touching each other whenever an opportunity presents itself. Did you just cringe? 

    A bench press is more like an opportunity to check each other while uttering the cheesiest nicknames for everyone else to hear. 

  8. 8 The In-between

    It’s a deep dark place to be stuck in between. Would it even be right to call them a couple? But we don’t see them going out with anyone else, except with each other. They’re basically everywhere. In the park, movies and out on lunch. 

    They are comfortable around each other and share their deepest darkest secrets. But will they, or won’t they? Let’s hope they will.

    Most of these couples are rather annoying to us, especially if we don't have someone beside us to behave in the same way. However, these lovebirds don't care about our opinions. After all, they are in love, aren't they?

    Did you and your partner fall under any of these types? Did we miss any other types? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Shuvekshya

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  1. Once I used to have best friend kind of relationship not way to much of friend but yes we were really shameless to eachother and I miss those days ????????

  2. I think u missed the type of couple who ALWAYS have a fight i mean not just a fight but a war whenever they meet n the moment you swear that couple will break up again poof they are back together but the war never ends as well .

  3. Sunflower couple always but also like to suggest home dates where you can have that privacy without hampering the single people or getting anyone involved :V

  4. I think we fall in the bestfriend category. We havent been on that many. the whole concept of dating is new to us and everytime we go on one we just joke around and talk about the other couple around us and how dumb they look and then compare it with us as we look the same. I bet we dont even look like a couple when we walk around. Ha ha

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