8 Nepali Apps We are In Love With

If you’re a lazy person, you’d totally get this!!

Apps have made a huge impact on our lives and made our life easier.

Ever gotten so hungry when you are alone and you want to eat homemade foods but you can’t cook?? Foodmario is there to help you. It brings homemade foods from  different chefs to the customers all over the KTM valley

There are many other apps that have helped us in many ways. Let’s look at other 8 Nepali Apps that we are in love with:

  1. 1 Foodmandu

    YouTube/ Foodmandu

    You don't want to go out to eat but you have this favourite restaurant whose food is to die for!! 

    Foodmandu has come up with a solution and brings all the food that you love just at your doorsteps!!

  2. 2 e-Sewa

    YouTube/ eSewa

    Aba paisa lyaunu birse yaar tero bhanera dhatnu napaune bhayo!!

  3. 3 QFX cinemas

    YouTube/Chennaitv News

    Remember the days when you used to stay in a line for hours without having food, hoping to get movie tickets and sadly come back without it? And now, just in a matter of seconds, you can book a movie ticket or even buy it. 

    Doesn't this sound relieving?? All thanks QFX Cinemas!

  4. 4 Tootle

    YouTube/ Tootle Today

    You're running really late for your work, class or anywhere but you find that the micros, tempos are all full and taxis expensive?

    Tootle picks you from wherever you want and drop you to your destination just in time!

  5. 5 Daraz

    YouTube/Daraz Nepal

    You love to wear new clothes, dress up, want all the things that are in trend.

    But there's a problem, you're lazy!! 

    You don't need to worry now as you can order everything that you need from daraz- whenever and wherever you want!

  6. 6 Hamro Keyboard

    YouTube/ Sarfu din

    Yo app chai sabai Nepali-ma-kamjor daju-bhai aathawa dd-bahini haru lai.

  7. 7 Hamro Patro


    No more "Aja kun din?" "Date k ho?" "Oi yo festival kahile ho re?"

  8. 8 BattiGayo

    How can we forget the app that had helped us so much during our load-shedding days?

    This is not what we loved but what helped us all at one point of our lives.

    And yes, only for Nepal!

    Do you agree with us?? Tell us in the comments below if we've missed any other Nepali apps that have been of great help to you all. 

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