10 Superpowers Every Nepali Should Have

Imagine you had the power to hear what your neighbor said about you!

Traffic, riding public transport and hearing weird rumours about yourself from your neighbours. There are so many first world Nepali problems where we wished we had some superpowers to face and solve them.

So, here are 10 Superpowers every Nepali should have:

  1. 1 Flying To Avoid Traffic Jams


    How great would it be if we could avoid these ring road traffic jams just by flying? Just thinking about it fills our heart with pure joy!

  2. 2 Memory Manipulation Of CCTV Aunties


    CCTV Aunties are our biggest enemies of all time. If only we could know what they are talking about us behind our backs... It would be awesome to wipe their memories clean whenever they catch us on a date.

  3. 3 Nose with Filter


    Who else agrees with having a filtered nose so that we can be safe in this DHULOMANDU? 

  4. 4 Always Find A Place In A Public Transport

    YouTube/ samjhanaphuyal

    Why Tootle/Pathao when you have the power to create your place in a public transport, especially a comfortable one with breathing and leg space? *Day dreams*

  5. 5 Earthquake Detection Power


    After 25th April 2015, we all wish we knew when the next earthquake will come and how to keep ourselves safe. 

  6. 6 Anti-Winter Teleporting Power


    It will be so cool (oh, the irony!) if we could get clean without showering and teleport to college without getting up and leaving our blanket during winter.

  7. 7 Magic To Turn Mamu Le Diiyeko Rs.100 Into Rs.1000


    Remember when you asked for Rs.500 and your parents gave you Rs.50 instead? This will be a solution to all our worldly problems. *Bye-Bye broke days* 

  8. 8 Being Able To Do Government Work In A Snap

    YouTube/ KeyaBanerjeePandit

    Just imagine, getting your citizenship, passport and license with a snap. Ah! The Bliss!

  9. 9 Disappearing Excess Hair Without Going To Parlors


    No more threading, waxing and all those tortures. THANK GOD!!

  10. 10 Muting Your Parents Every Time They Scold You


    What if we could mute everything we didn't want to hear about? Oh wait, we already do that. 

    No matter how much we want these superpowers, nothing can compare the power we get from "DAAL AND BHAAT" because "DAL BHAT POWER 24 HOUR".

    Tell in the comments what other superpowers you wished to have in order to solve your First World Nepali problems and don't forget to SHARE it with your friends and family!

What do you think?

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