All Nepalese In Their Late 20’s Have DEFINITELY Heard These Questions At Least Once

The topic of this article is so cliché. I mean, we all in our late 20’s have felt it, heard it and lived it! We are literally in a tight spot. Pheww! I know, I know, “Nepali parents,” right? 

If you, like yours truly, are in your late twenties, you can surely relate to being asked these questions below. 

  1. 1 "Isn’t it high time you get married?"


    This is probably the most heard comment of all time. It has become so cliché that we hate to hear it, don’t we? 

    And your mother thinks you don’t even need to meet the person whom she would consider marrying you to because-FACEBOOK! To put chilly on the top, your friends get married and ask you, “When are you going to get married?” Well, that’s the end of the conversation!

  2. 2 "Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?"


    The tone of this question changes as you advance towards your late 20’s. During teenage parents ask angrily, "DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND? It is time to study not to have BOYFRIENDS!”

    But as you enter your late 20’s they ask rather lovingly, “Do you have a boyfriend?” They have started using this phrase as a new way of saying, ‘It’s high time you get married.’

  3. 3 "How about doing masters?"

    Know your meme

    Since, we are not interested in getting married or hearing about it; they throw us another question, “How about doing masters?” I would love to tell them, “I am in my late 20’s. That means I am an adult. If I choose to take a break from studies, doesn’t mean I am losing my career. What it means is I can make decisions on my own and take care of myself.” 

    However, they are right to repeat it because sometimes we tend to lose track of things.

  4. 4 "What are your plans for future?"


    This question usually arises when your parents have no idea what you are doing. You don’t want to get married or have a partner or want to do your masters. Then, you should choose a hiding place or be prepared for this BIG question, “What are you planning for your future?” 

  5. 5 "Don’t you want to settle abroad?"

    SIEC Education

    You’d hear this question from your relatives than your parents. Since their children are abroad, they want you to do the same. There is a preconceived notion that people who settle abroad have succeeded in their life. Would you believe that our country only has unsuccessful people? SO not happening.

  6. 6 "Are you saving money?"


    For some reason, our parents believe that if we get married, we become responsible. Meaning they would be embarrassed to say things like "Save money aside." or "You should buy insurance." On the other hand, if you aren’t married, you’ll be hearing these phrases often as a warning. 

    What they really want to say is get married then you won’t have to hear it! 

    Do you agree? What questions from your parents are you tired of hearing? 

    Let us know in the comments!

    Also. please SHARE if you have heard these questions for the 100th time!

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  1. I am 27 and I have heard questions about job, or master’s degree or future plans or settling abroad or savings from job. But no marriage questions. Lucky me. ????

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