Struggles of People Riding Nepal Yatayat

“Aja ta seto jutta lagaudina, ek na ek jana le ta tekidincha bus ma” :(

First of all, those of us who use public transport to travel are real heroes!! You need to worry about getting a bus, even if you get a bus, getting a seat is a real problem! Even if you get the sit, you’re not done yet, a really sweaty person might come to sit next to you!! But most importantly, you are always in the possibility of reaching late!

Here are some of the struggles of people riding public transport:

  1. 1 Idhar Chala Mein Udhar Chala

    YouTube/ The BLi Journal

    All thanks to the unmaintained roads of Nepal, you get to do Hrithik Roshan's complex steps so perfectly even without trying!!

  2. 2 "Ajhai seat cha"


    No matter how packed the vehicle is, "Ajhai seat cha" would be the most favorite dialogues of the driver dai and the conductor dai!!

  3. 3 Road Trampoline

    YouTube/ TourismPicks

    You get to relive your childhood of jumping around and playing!! 

    But here's the difference,  you might land up into other's lap or anyone can land up into yours!!


  4. 4 You Get to Hear Conductor's Lecture If You Don't Have Change

    YouTube/ NeP TV Network

    Even we passengers sometimes do not have a change,  just like how you don't have chutta when you have to return us!! 😉

    We would definitely bring change if we had it.


  5. 5 You're always late

    YouTube/ HighlightsNepal

    You end up being late for your work, school or anywhere. 

    This is beacause the bus driver takes us round and round!

  6. 6 Fish Market

    Youtube/ Graphics Media

    Everyone is in their own world. Someone's taking care of their child, some are busy digging their nose, some are getting beauty sleep, some aunties are gossing and many more. 

    The bus literally feels like a fish market!!

  7. 7 Getting a seat is a challenge

    YouTube/ Maha Sanchar

    If you're lucky enough, you get a place to stand without being stepped on!!

    Getting a seat is a battle.

  8. 8 You yourself become the seat sometimes

    YouTube/ Good Evil

    Everyone wants a seat. So, they may end up sitting on your lap as well.

  9. 9 There's a DJ

    YouTube/ Graphics Media

    Just as you start feeling sleepy, there's someone who listens to music so loud that could even wake up Kumbakarna!!


  10. 10 On a brighter side, you're helping the environment

    YouTube/ Maha Sanchar

    You're smart as you save up to four times the money that you use travelling in your private or personal car. Also, you are reducing air pollution!!

    Travelling in public transport is definitely a struggle, but there are some good sides of it as well. Do you agree with us? Tell us in the comments below about some other struggles that you've faced!!

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