Adventures We All Have On Nepal Ko Baato

Do you jump and hop to save yourself from all the mud-splashing?

Travelling on Nepali roads is never an easy task. It requires high intuition to choose which is the safest as well as the fastest route. And a high reflex action so you can avoid any mishappenings. Let’s be real, Nepal ko baato is just unpredictable. 

From people coming out of nowhere to cows mooing in the middle of the road to actual drift race between the local micros — here are a few things on Nepali roads on a daily basis.

  1. 1 When you underestimate a pothole


    You think it’s a shallow pothole but it can swallow you and your two-wheeler whole.

  2. 2 Drift race among local micros

    YouTube/ OSR Digital

    What happens when two local micros of similar area spot one another on the road? Commence the Handigaun micro vs Dhumbarahi micro Drift Race!

  3. 3 Is this Heaven? Oh crap, it's high beam

    YouTube/ OSR Digital

    There’s a special place in HELL for people who flash high beams. Admit it, sometimes you feel like reflecting that light back with a huge mirror.

  4. 4 When people think honking will clear the traffic jam

    YouTube/ Beest Official

    Even though honking has substantially decreased, some people still insist that their honking will solve all the world’s problems. Caught in a traffic light jam? Honk away!

  5. 5 People miraculously appear to cross the road

    YouTube/ Funcho Entertainment

    It’s all well and you are driving at 30kmph. Suddenly there’s a person in the middle of the road. Out of nowhere. Sounds familiar?

  6. 6 Zebra crossing is still not an option to cross the road


    Vehicles rarely ever slow down at the zebra crossings (thank you to all who do). For them, Zebra crossing is more like a fancy decoration on the road. UGH.

  7. 7 Racetrack for bikers

    YouTube/ Rising Star Nepal

    An empty road is a biker’s racetrack. Can immediately go over 100kmph. Why should micros have all the fun, right?

  8. 8 Your favorite song comes up just as you reach your destination

    YouTube/ Highlights Nepal

    You had to listen to “baby i i i i i wanna la-a-a-av you” in public transport all through the ride. And just when you are getting off, your favorite song plays. Talk about bad luck.

    Have you had such experiences, or experiences worse than that? Tell us in the comments!

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Written by Dipshikha Giri

Secretly observing the life of Nepali hoomans. Serial chips and coke eater. Likes to pet stray dogs and randomly meows at any cat.


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  1. local buses stoping on middle of nowhere blocking the whole lane so that they would not have competition to board the passenger … ani suru huncha horn war

  2. I think you forgot to mention about the riders who speed up in the wrong lane and doesnt give a shit to the ones coming from the opposite direction. Afnai lane ma pani there are times when you have to stop and give way to them 👏 👏 👏

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