Here’s A List Of Nepali Movies You Can Cringe- Watch

Movies are a great form of escapism. Nepali movies more so. You just sit back, laugh, cringe and temporarily switch off your brain. Isn’t that what we’ve all asked for?

Here are some Nepali movies if you are want to cringe-watch. Binging is out of the question. 

  1. 1 A Mero Hajur 2


    How far would you go for the girl you once had a crush in your school days? Apparently, you spend your adulthood obsessing about her and stalking her relentlessly when you find her. Oh yes! Also trying to break her marriage by dissuading her groom. So real!

  2. 2 Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu


    A cheesy love story that covers all the basics: accident, memory loss and a lot of melodrama. Makes up for an irreverent watch, no?

  3. 3 Karkhana


    Who says that only a girl’s body is objectified in movies? It’s a movie starring Sushil Shrestha’s body and Kathmandu’s rainfall. Maya le boleko boli chai mitho bhayo, tara acting chai mitho bhayena! So sad!

  4. 4 Mr. Jholay


    Don’t expect a damsel in distress in this one. The heroine is one badass who can beat the crap out of a guy, whereas, the movie is just not badass enough.

  5. 5 Fateko Jutta


    A pack of gangsters in a van go off in a mission to win a wad of cash and a pretty girl. Out comes Fateko Jutta. Priyanka Karki’s dance salvages the movie, while you get to see some serious acting chops.

  6. 6 Mero Paisa Khai?


    The producers and the moviegoers are asking the same question, “Mero paisa khoi?”  

  7. 7 Rani


    It’s a cheesy love-triangle featuring the hunks of Kollywood and Malina Joshi’s resounding thapads. If you’re into drooling over hot guys on screen then this is the movie for you.

  8. 8 Dream Girl


    Fall in love, elope, cry, fight, cheesy songs and repeat- that’s about it. So, if you’re into it, all the best!

  9. 9 Black


    The hero and the villain root for the same girl. So you can expect a lot of angry monologues and bloody noses.

  10. 10 Lamphoo


    A group of guys have dreams of making it big, but real life hits them hard. No pain is greater than losing the girl you’re crushing over, apparently to them. If you’re wondering whatever happened to the tarkari wali who got viral, then watch the movie.  

  11. 11 Ram Kahani


    Nepali movies are full of nasty surprises. No, it’s not about Ram. it’s about a guy who falls in love with a ghost (or maybe not). I told you! Surprises! 

    Nepali movie industry has still a long way to go. Let’s hope and pray for the best!

    Is there any movie worth cringe-watching that we missed?

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What do you think?

Written by Shuvekshya

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  1. I saw the trailer for “Summer Love” today and MyOhMy!! The Cringe-meter in me just blasted off the roof!! ???? Such horrible acting! ???? And that fake beard made the matter worse! ????????
    I just don’t understand the camera work of nepali cameramen though! It’s like they just put the camera at one place and let the scene go by right there, just like that! Just horrible!

  2. You guys actually watched the movies just to notify us not to watch?
    Not the heroes we deserve but the heroes we need!

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