Movies For Ekalkateys For This Valentine Season

Love is everywhere. Or rather, annoying couples are.

The only plan you have on Valentine’s Day is to hide under a thick blanket, never to be woken again. You are single, but above that, you are irritated and bored.

So, here are a few movies that you can watch wrapped in the comfort of warmth and darkness, movies that will provide some consolation to your lonely heart that love ain’t that easy.

  1. 1 Blue Valentine


    The movie shows the crude reality of a married couple that were crazy about each other once, but their relationship is no longer as lovey-dovey. 

    Nuff said.

  2. 2 Her


    Sci-fi, romance and tragedy, "Her" is a movie that’s not just strangely creative in its making, but also full of pain and heartbreak. 

    With a hero that you can’t help but love and the voiceover from Scarlett Jo, the film is a great depiction of all the possibilities in modern love brought forth by technological advancement.

  3. 3 How to Be Single


    If you’re in love with someone you can’t have or are feeling lost after a bad breakup, "How to Be Single" deals with those complicated matters of the heart in the best way.

  4. 4 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    Is love inevitable?

    That’s the main question that the movie asks. And yes, this is also on our list of movies to watch with your partner because, trust us, there’s never been anything quite like this. It’s both hopeful and hopeless, thrilling and painful--and accompanied with a jaw-dropping twist that’s just as twisted as love. 

  5. 5 Nocturnal Animals


    For all of you singles out there, who enjoy vehemently ignoring your love lives and are in a committed relationship with intricate plotlines and hidden symbolisms, this one's for you. 

    Trust us, you’ll love breaking down this movie to pieces before you thoroughly analyze every bit of information thrown your way--and plus point, it has a ton to say about relationships, how they begin and how they end.

  6. 6 Don Jon


    The difference between loving someone and loving the idea of them.

    One of the best things of the movie, aside from our crass protagonist, is the way it portrays sex, relationships, and how the other spectrum of gender views it. Trust us, you're going to have a swell time even if you watch it alone.

  7. 7 Like Crazy


    Like we said, love ain’t easy.

    This movie, despite being overlooked, is a masterpiece in romance genre. It’s worth watching, irrelevant of relationship status, because of the raw emotions and realities of the characters. It outlines the struggles of falling in love at a young age and how the smallest things we do usually has the biggest consequences.

  8. 8 500 Days of Summer


    We’ve all seen movies about women going through a breakup, but what about men?

    500 Days of Summer is a movie that you must have heard many things about. That it’s the go-to movie after the end of a relationship, but really, it’s just as good of a movie to prep you for your future relationships. 

  9. 9 He’s Just Not That Into You


    If he’s mean to you, he’s into you.

    At least that’s what we tell little girls. And that’s what they grow up believing.

    You aren’t going to get a heart-wrenching romance in this movie, but what it does have, is a valuable lesson and a hell lot of entertainment.

  10. 10 Gone Girl


    A phenomenal ride from the start to the end, Gone Girl is twisted and toxic in the best way possible. 

    If the movie doesn’t have you picking up your jaw from the floor and attaching it back to your upper lips at least once, money back, guarantee.

  11. 11 Queen


    The brilliance of Queen lies in our main character’s transition from beginning to end. 

    Portraying an Indian woman dealing with her broken engagement, Queen sends its message through subtle nuances that voraciously show what it means to be free, independent and to find yourself.

    Get your popcorn and nachos ready. Heat up your bed, go get your warmest blankets and allow your mind to be broadened. 

    Let us know in the comments if we missed anything. Tell us your favourite romance movies that ain't that romantic. 

    Also, SHARE this with the rest of your single friends. Or better, have a movie marathon with them! 

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Written by Kumudini Pant

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I live and breathe books, movies and TV shows. So, recommendations for an awesome one of those is wholeheartedly welcome. If anyone wants recommendations, just get me your preferred genre and I'll have a list prepared.


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