Small Things You Can Do To Help Make Nepal A Better Place

It’s quite impressive that, in today’s informative world, something as small as a click of a button can completely alter someone’s life. Unity and victory often walk hand in hand.

Which is why we ask the question; do we have that unity among us? Are we doing our part as Nepali citizens? Maybe we are, maybe we are not. 

Nevertheless, here are a few little contributions we all can make for our country to make it a better place.

  1. 1 Clean Nepal, It’s Worth It

    Stop littering. Clean—whether it's your room, your house, your courtyard or your country. Doesn’t matter if it’s a chocolate wrapper or a bag full of waste, put them where they belong, which is not the side of a lane.

  2. 2 Anyone Can Save Lives

    It might seem scary to a few, specifically if you’re afraid of needles, but did you know that a pint of blood can save three lives? You don’t need a medical degree for that.

  3. 3 Stop Slandering Politics; Be Civically Informed

    When you criticize the Nepali government, our politics and politicians, have a good reason and an equally good argument. Not the old ‘our system is useless’ or ‘there’s no future for this country’. Not when you have no factual evidence to back up your statement. Give logical reasons. Criticism is only correct when you have substantial proof. 

  4. 4 Conserve Resources

    Like I have been saying, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Switching off the lights when you’re leaving the room, closing the water taps tightly, switching off your vehicle’s engine when you’re stuck in traffic, eating your leftovers, all are very useful to help save resources to a surprising level.

  5. 5 Respect for All

    We have many divisions among us Nepalese, some temporary and some permanent. 

    Despite the differences, respect everyone. No matter their gender, their caste group, their geographical region, their socio-economic background and their religion. Believe inequality and in the dignity of labour. Realize that we are humans first and Nepali second. 

  6. 6 Follow Traffic Rules, Please

    We are all in a hurry to get to our destination. But the one thing that we Nepalese do spectacularly and with impressive unity is breaking traffic rules. 

    Whether it’s running a red light, overtaking a vehicle, driving without a license or haphazardly crossing lanes—we’re all experts on finding the loopholes in our system.

    Let’s stop this.

  7. 7 Give as Good As You Get

    That old folktale book sitting on your bottom shelf? Donate it. Remember those t-shirts that no longer fit you and the jeans that are now too tight around the waist? Give them away. Donate your stationery items, reuse old books by putting them up for adoption. 

    And when you take something, give something back. 

  8. 8 Water Plants

    As Kahil Gibran said, “Trees are poems the Earth writes upon the sky.” However, since all of us cannot be poets, we might as well nurture the creativity bestowed upon us. Sometimes, perfectly reusable water is wasted when filtering them is impractical.

    You know what you can do instead of flushing it down the drain, literally? 

    Water plants with them.

  9. 9 Support Nepali Products

    Whether it’s the biryani from Bajeko Sekuwa or the newest line of Goldstar shoes, when you pay for their products, you’re contributing in improving Nepal’s economy. Granted it’s a small contribution, it still helps the country in the long run.

  10. 10 Say Cheese, But Less Subtly

    In other words, smile. Especially at strangers. 

    You never know who is having the worst day of their lives, who is on their breaking point. To smile at strangers requires courage and just a little bit of eye contact. But do it. Who knows how many people's days you can brighten with your cheerfulness?

    What other ways do you think can make our nation a better place? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Kumudini Pant

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