8 Dialogues From Loot That Stole Your Heart

Bal haina pasa,dimag laga dimag

Dialogues From Loot

We can all agree “loot” was one of the first movie that changed nepali movie industry. With their cinemetography, story line and how can we forget the best actors from Nepal. Apart from that, what made this movie more iconic was, its catchy dialogues. We still use their dialogues time and again.

Lets see some of the dialogues that stole our heart or should I say “hamro dil lootyo”

  1. 1 Bal haina pasa dimag laga dimag


    One newari word that all of your non newar friends use "PASA"

  2. 2 Kathmandu Sahara herda lagcha rahara


    Story of every SEE students prancing into the city for higher studies.

  3. 3 Sangat pani saalah kukur sanga garnu parecha

    *me to my friends whenever they do something stupid*

  4. 4 Sochera bol, Ali dherai din baachas


    *Every elder sibling to his/her younger sibling*

  5. 5 Terai cha khub Miss Nepal jasto anuhhar


    Do you think Anuskha Shrestha is nodding at this dialogue? 

  6. 6 Pandey! Dimag haina bhaagya chaincha bhaagya


    *You before your finals*

  7. 7 Dhani Dhani nai cha gareeb gareeb nai


    Jasko shakti uskai bhakti #nepotism

  8. 8 You love dance, I love dance,... I love you


    That escalated way too quick. 

    Which dialogues were your favourite from loot and loot 2? Tell us in the comment section below and do not forget to SHARE it with your friends and family and reminisce this iconic movie.

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