Living In A Joint Family In Nepal

Kaka, Bhai, Hajur Baa, Ama, the house is filled with every colours that life can show you.

Living in a joint family might sound really fun and it is too. But, it could be really difficult at times. Some of us live in a joint family while some cannot even imagine of living in a joint family. 

Here are some of the things that people living in a joint family can relate to: 

  1. 1 Bahira bata ‘Hum sath sath he’, ani bhitra ‘Sath khoon maaf’


    We Nepalese have a habit of showing the outsiders that everything is fine inside the house when in reality; everyday is like a war. 

  2. 2 Khana ko bhandar

    Youtube/ OSR Digital

    You need to eat and not miss any meal no matter what. Even if you are not hungry at all, just eat. Your mom, dad, aunt, grandparents etc are watching you. Else, get ready for long lectures.

  3. 3 Kaam garne din


    You have a routine that is strictly followed. The works are divided and that needs to be performed turn wise. For eg, Sheetal cooks on Mondays, Lalita cooks on Tuesdays and the list goes on.

  4. 4 Free comments from everyone on your dress up:


    You get 50 different views and opinions regarding your dress up. Your grandparents, “kei lamo luga lagau.” Your cool aunt, “nice dress”. Your villain aunt, “esto luga ma mero chori lai lagaunu dinna” and so the opinions go on. 

  5. 5 TV is always occupied

    The fight for remote is more intense than the fight between Pakistan and India. You need to use real tricks to get the remote.

  6. 6 You never get an alone time

    Alone time? Forget that! You hardly get a room to study on your exams.

  7. 7 You get lectures in wholesale

    Youtube/ G21 Digital

    Just after your parents lecture finishes, there are other people waiting desperately to give you lectures such as your aunt, uncle, grandparents, big brother etc.

  8. 8 Comparison with your cousins

    youtube/ Gandaki Online TV

    The most used dialogues of parents is “Aditi le 95% lyayo taile 94.8% matra. Kina esto? Aditi bata kei sika.”

  9. 9 On the bright side, you always have someone to talk to


    No matter what; your family will never leave your side. They will be with you in your thick and thin.
    Also, you can always trust your sisters, brothers and share anything with them. What’s more beautiful than finding your best friends in your cousins?

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