Kinds Of Students You’ll Meet In A Humanities Class

We’d like to believe that we are working to enlighten the world with creative wonder. But the only place we’ve ever used creativity is to come up with an explanation of why we were absent yesterday at the spur of the moment. So much for artistry. 

If you ever wondered what goes on in a humanities class, here are the kinds of art students you will find.

  1. 1 The Passionate Ones


    Fire in their eyes and a belief that Sigmund Freud is their one true love who has understood them like no one else. They’re diamond in the rough!

  2. 2 The Bookies


    This one prefers books over human company anytime, and will always have a novel hidden in their sleeves. You can expect to get a dead look if you interrupt them while they’re reading. You’ve been warned.

  3. 3 The Unwanted Package Deal


    The one who signed up for just one of the subjects, and had to sadly deal with all the over subjects that came with it. Sort of like, marrying the girl of your dreams and dealing with her nosy family.

  4. 4 The Dad Said So


    They’re only studying Arts because their dad ordered them to. Frankly, they don’t know the difference between metaphor and simile even in their third year of Bachelors.

  5. 5 The Feisty Defender


    Imagine if English literature was Cersei and had an angry knight beside her everywhere she went. That’s what feisty defenders do! They won’t tolerate a word against arts and will jump into a bloody battle if you cross them.

  6. 6 The Con Artist


    They are the tricksters in the Arts class, who appear for the attendance and disappear into thin air once they fulfil their motive. Real illusionists.  

  7. 7 The Late Awakening


    Arts is their rebound relationship, after the heartbreak they suffered when their relationship with science failed tragically. They’re all keen on giving things a second chance. 


  8. 8 The Presidential Candidate


    They’re everywhere! Hosting, organizing things, writing poetry, running and cooking pancakes in the staff room with butter. Their speeches cringe the hell out of everyone.

  9. 9 The Creative Genius


    The brooding creative genius who can write two-page poetry in twenty minutes, and sketch how loneliness looks like. Chances are, they are a little detached from everyone but are actually real friendly.

  10. 10 The Jim Morrison


    Hungover and high most of the time, they don’t mind hearing lectures in slo-mo. Real believers of psychedelics (whispers).

  11. 11 The Chatur Ramalingams


    You can never evade these types. They are in every stream! Memorizing a two-page explanation of a poem and acting like it’s the most heroic thing ever feeds their pride. It’s a wonder how they even arrived in the Arts stream in the first place.

  12. 12 The Fashionistas


    Fashionistas put all their creative juice in coming up with exciting outfits each day, instead of poetry explanations. I guess we all choose our ways, don’t we?

  13. 13 The Rule Breakers


    The misfits, the ones who never go with the flow but beat against the current, with enough sass to sometimes get expelled. These people never understand the concept of rules.

  14. 14 The Debator


    No explanation pleases them. They will always find a retort long enough to put everyone to sleep. Arguing about how the earth is not actually round but oval...anything to keep their lips moving. So annoying. 

    Are you an Arts student? Did you find yourself in these types?

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