‘Just-Bahun-Things’ That Other People Wouldn’t Understand

The most distinguishable thing about bahun people is probably their pointy, long nose. The bahun stereotypes, however, aren’t limited to just their appearances. It extends to their social skills, consumption pattern and other behaviours as well.

On interviewing many of them, from different backgrounds, we found that most bahun can actually relate to most of these “stereotypes.”

  1. 1 "Bahun baje lobhi" is your friends' go-to song for making fun of you.

    YouTube/ Noty Aashish

    Your friends start teasing you right when you say no to anything. ANYTHING.
    Friend-     Oi tero pencil dey na malai ek chin.
    You-          Ma lekhdai chu aile
    Friend-     Bahun baje lobhi

  2. 2 Your tuppi is your friends’ toy.

    YouTube/ Highlights Nepal

    Your tuppi is all of your friends’ personal favorite. There are songs about it and jokes on it. “Bahun ko tuppi, antennae na ariel.”

  3. 3 Your friends give you dirty looks every time you choose meat over saag-paat.

    YouTube/ Hahaha TV Nepal

    As soon as the very first momo reaches your mouth, your friends tease you, “Oi, ta bahun bhayera pani buff mo:mo: khana lageko?”

    Well, you all laugh it off and continue eating.

  4. 4 Gaunt is what sanitizer is for others

    YouTube/ OSR Digital

    Long before they were advertized as one with health benefits, Bahun moms sprinkled it through the house and made us sip in the name of purification so much so that even the icecream wasn't able to take that taste away. 

  5. 5 Jyotish baje ko ashram is where your family goes when crisis hits.


    Who knew that all the problems in our life can be fixed by feeding different animals on particular days? 

  6. 6 You are taught to chant basic mantras as much as the ABC song

    YouTube/ Highlights Nepal

    Go ahead and brag all you want about being an atheist. At the end of the day, you know those mantras by heart and you can't deny it!

  7. 7 Your s/o had better be a Bahun.

    YouTube/ Highlights Nepal

    Forget the persona, what is to be really considered before dating anyone is if he/she is Bahun or not.

  8. 8 Finding someone for yourself to marry? Ha. Ha!

    YouTube/ Highlights Nepal

    Because your family says, 

    Roses are red, Violets are blue. 
    There is an arranged marriage, Just waiting for you!

  9. 9 You don't do alarms.

    YouTube/ WildFilmsIndia

    With the intensity in the sound the ghar ko mandir ko ghanti makes, this giant beats the rooster and the alarm, and is much more efficient in waking you up!

  10. 10 Shaving/Waxing is your weekly routine as a Bahun girl.


    Immediate plans don’t work out for you because you have a hell lot of hair to throw away before you can step out of the house in that sexy little dress of yours.

  11. 11 Your friends make hilariously shocked faces when you tell them you're an Atheist.

    YouTube/ Ming Sherpa

    You could be a Bahun, and you might lack belief in the existence of God. When people hear that, they go, “Timi ta nakkali Bahun po rahecha, ghar ma thaha cha?”

  12. 12 You Always Remember "Ekadashi"

    YouTube/ Sabin Karki -Beest

    Your family's calendar always has Ekadashi marked and you MUST go on a vegetarian diet just for that day. Because you are so good at memorizing dates, chances are, you won't disappoint your s/o on your one-year anniversary-- if your family lets your relationship last that long! *evil smiles*

    What struggles have you faced as a Bahun? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Dipshikha Giri

Secretly observing the life of Nepali hoomans. Serial chips and coke eater. Likes to pet stray dogs and randomly meows at any cat.


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  1. My non-bahun friends be bitching “aey tyo ta bahun ho, bla bla bla” and saying you are different, and “not bahun like them” to make things right.????

  2. 1.grand parents giving that …. murder nai gareko jasto looks when any friend of next jaat enters house……….. 2. period ko bela ma huda yeta pani nachuney uta pani nachuney … eaaa baba lai nacho .eaa bhai lai nachooo….

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