Things Only An Inter-Caste Child Will Understand

What is it like to be part of two ethinicities at the same time?

Outcome of two uncontrollable parents who gave it all up for love–intercaste children grow up with a streak of rebellious in their bloodstream. 

Growing up getting the best of both worlds, they consider themselves to be quite unique with all their cocktailed experiences and unruly appearance. And we concur.

That being said, here are a few things only an inter-caste child will understand.

  1. 1 Being Called ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Hybrid’

    YouTube/ OSR Digital

    “Do you want a cocktail, cocktail?” Your friend says as he laughs like a hyena at his own unfunny joke. 

    That’s it. 

    That’s your entire childhood right there.

  2. 2 Not Fitting the Stereotype of Your Surname

    YouTube/ Ming Sherap

    That suspicious look that your not-so-pointy-nose gets from the government worker when you go to make a citizenship with the name of ‘Akash Adhikari’.

  3. 3 Celebrating Every Kind of Festival

    YouTube/ HighlightsNepal

    When your social calendar looks like a long game of tic tac toe as you try to jam-pack your days by attending all the social gatherings, making sure everyone from your family is happy with you.

  4. 4 Eternal Tug O’ War Between Maternal and Paternal Side

    YouTube/ Eros Now

    A special form of identity crisis when you don’t know where you exactly belong as the opposing family poles fight for your ownership. What makes it worse is the heartless disownment from both sides when you mess up.

  5. 5 Your Parents Questioning All Their Life Choices

    YouTube/ Eros Now

    Ever seen one of your parents frown at their spouse’s incomprehensible behaviour inspired by their equally incomprehensible background? 

    Kudos to you if you made it through the traumatic experience of witnessing your parents regret all their life choices, including you.

  6. 6 Using Their Love As An Excuse For Everything

    YouTube/ SmartDoko

    “You two got married and had me when you were just 19. Now you’re telling me I can’t have a sleepover with my best friend you’ve known since you weren’t even legal enough to drink? How’s that fair?”


  7. 7 Jack of All but Master of None

    YouTube/ HighlightsNepal

    That moment when you understand Newari but can’t respond in Newari and are thus, stuck in a perpetual “uhh....”

  8. 8 People Asking Your Parents’ Love Story

    YouTube/ HighlightsNepal

    You know they are expecting some Romeo-Juliet-ish story so you exaggerate the entire thing and turn it into a grand filmy plot with anti-heroes and smirking villains. 

    It’s all worth it when you hear your audience’s ‘ooh’s scattered throughout the place.

  9. 9 When People Ask You, “Why are you not good-looking?”

    YouTube/ Sabin Karki -Beest

    Apparently, it’s some unwritten rule that all inter-caste children fit into the box that defines beauty. Sadly, that isn’t true. Some of them don’t win the gene lottery. So, don’t ask.

    What kinds of things have you heard about inter-caste children? Let us know in the comments down below!

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