If You Are A Nepali Student, You Know These Excuses All Too Well

Homework is one of the greatest nightmares in every student’s life. Everyone has been in a situation where all your friends and families are enjoying and unfortunately, you have tons and tons of homework to do. 

We know… we know in our bones that we are going to get into trouble the next day. And yet, we choose to skip it. 

Sometimes we all choose to skip that boring task to enjoy our life but, that happiness never lasts long! Eventually,  we all would regret not doing what we were told. 

The angry faces and the brutal punishments from our teachers would flash in our mind as though by a slideshow. And what would we do then? You guessed it – we would make the lamest excuses of them all, and surprisingly enough, they would even work!

Here are 10 excuses made by Nepalese students when they don’t complete their homework.

  1. 1 "I did my homework but left it at home."


    Perhaps, this was one of the most common excuses made by all the students. If you had not completed your work, this idea would be impressive. 

    But, sometimes, it would backfire, and badly at that! Of course, we all remember our teacher snapping back at us, yelling, "Go And Bring It From Your Home Right Now!"

  2. 2 "Loadshedding, sorry!"


    Now comes the turn of the National excuse of all time! Everyone hated the time when power cuts interrupted our daily routines and everything paused for hours. 

    If you are a Nepali student, you might definitely have used this excuse to get rid of the punishments. 

    It was a genuine excuse made by all the students, given that it was impossible for us to complete our homework during the power cut. 

    Everyone once in their life has faced this situation so your teacher would not raise their eyebrows at you.

  3. 3 "Was There Any Homework?"


    More often than not, you knew exactly that there was homework, but you acted hard to convince your teacher that there wasn't. We all have tried this trick to fool our teacher. 

    Sometimes, we even made our teachers feel confused about whether they had assigned the homework or not. But again, this idea would work quite well only until the evil friend next to you was not ready with his/her assignment.

  4. 4 "My friend took my homework and didn't show up."


    Your friend who was absent could turn out to be an angel for you in such a situation. After all, he wasn't there! And you would take full advantage to put all the blame to that poor buddy! 

    Before your teacher started shouting at you for not presenting your homework, you would start complaining to the teacher. After hearing all the complains there were some chances your teacher provided you extra time to complete your work.

  5. 5 "I was too busy completing other assignments."


    Poor us, teachers never understood that besides their assignment we had lots of other assignments to do. Homework overload was always so exhausting.

    This might not be an excuse, rather, it might be a fact because most of the time, we were surrounded by tons and tons of homework to do. Sometimes, it would just not be possible for us to complete all our work in a single day!

  6. 6 "My pen ran out of ink and it was too dark to go get a bottle."


    You wasted your whole day playing outside, and now you have realized that you have got no ink in your pen. Terrible feeling, right? You look outside searching for a stationery shop but it’s already dark, and you are not going to find one! 

    So, you make this excuse, as a desperate try to escape punishment. It might not sound genuine, but you, you still have got some chances to be excused!

  7. 7 "I had a wedding to attend."


    If you were generally a diligent student, this would work. Apart from being a full-time nerd, sometimes even you needed to socialize and participate in some social events. 

    After all, it’s your relative’s wedding (not really)! Your teacher would take pity on you if he or she believed you were genuinely overwhelmed.

  8. 8 "The topic was too hard! I couldn’t understand my homework."


    It’s a pretty believable one. Every assigned work might not be an easy task to do. After all, we were no genius! At least once, we all have tried saying something like, “I didn’t understand the assignment. I tried hard, but I don’t get it. Can we talk after school?” 

    Not only would you be excused, but you would also make your teacher rethink their teaching techniques!

  9. 9 "I was absent when you gave us the assignment."


    Obviously, a single teacher cannot remember whether all the students were present or not. So, making  a creative excuse by telling him/her that you were not present on the day when homework was assigned would always be worth a try.

    It was one of the safest ways of being excused; unless you had that teacher who would always be ready to recheck the attendance.

  10. 10 "I was having a headache."


    Finally, the lamest, yet the most excusable excuse! Bedridden, feverish and unable to distinguish your cat from your sheet of homework, how on earth could you be expected to work in this state?! 

    Blaming your health issues for not doing your homework might as well be our favorite excuse. This sounded convincing as no one could guess what was going on inside you!

    There were so many excuses we made. Sometimes, we would get away with it, the other times, not. Nevertheless, we always made memories! Well, not necessarily the best ones. Yet they still manage to make us giggle now, don't they?

    Did we miss any of your excuses? Let us know in the comments below!

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