If Nepali Months Have Movies Named After Them

Wouldn’t it be fun if we called Asar mahina as “ghaam pani”?

From “Baisakh ma School suru huncha” to “Asadh ma pani parcha”, we always used to remember nepali months from different events. 

Ever imagined what would nepali months would  sound  like if they were named after a movie?

Lets begin the list of nepali months if they were named after a movie.

  1. 1 Baisakh- HOSTEL RETURNS


    This month is all about buying new uniforms, books, pens and pencils to go back to school. 

  2. 2 Jesth- JWAALA



  3. 3 Asadh-GHAAM PANI


    Mixture of summer and monsoon perfectly describes this month.

  4. 4 Shravan- PASHUPATI PRASAD


    What better name can be given for the month dedicated to  Lord Shiva than "Pashupati Prasad". 

  5. 5 Bhadra- DIDI BHAI


    One of the few reasons we remember bhadra as a month is because of the gifts we get on the occassion of "Rakshya bandhan"

  6. 6 Ashwin- MISSION PAISA


    The only month we are not broke is because of the Dakchina we get during Dasahin

  7. 7 Kartik- LAXMI PUJA


    कार्तिक महिना = तिहार आयो !!!!

  8. 8 Mangsir- SIUDO KO SINDUR


    Month of mangsir more like month of weddings.

  9. 9 Poush- WHITE SUN


    "Jaado mahina ma Ghaam taapne" is like basic need of every nepali janataa.

  10. 10 Magh-SARASWATI


    How can we forget going to Swayambhu early in the morning to worship Goddess Saraswati so that I could pass SLC......with distinction.

  11. 11 Falgun - Rang Baijani


    Admit it we only remember this month because of Holi..

  12. 12 Chaitra -JE BHAYO RAMRAI BHO


    After going through all the ups and downs through out the year, we should always accept what happened and say " JE BHAYO RAMRAI BHO"

    Tell in the comments what you think of these movies in terms of nepali months and also SHARE it with your friends and family. 

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