A Near Miss of Victory: Himalaya Roadies 2 Finale


The Grand Finale of Himalaya Roadies Wild Wild West season 2 premiered on 26th November. We are still finding it hard to come to terms with the Grand Finale, but what an awesome and nerve-racking season it was! Well, at least somebody’s favorite contestant did manage to win the bloody challenge and rise as the ultimate Roadie.

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Unless you are living under a rock, Ayush Shrestha managed to win Himalaya Roadies season 2 and win a cash prize of NRS 1090000 and a new Yamaha FZ.

Himalaya Roadies-finale
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Although, the task assigned to the three finalists- Pribir, Tejaswi and Ayush wasn’t an easy one. Sure, it looks easy from an outside, but seeing these guys nastily sweating and struggling throughout the task made us even sure about it.

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The task comprised of altogether five smaller tasks. First was to find your way out of a confusing maze while riding your bike.

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Second was to find three keys in a filthy fish swarmed container.

Ayush was the only contestant successful to open the intricate lock.
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Third was to open an extremely tricky lock by the combination of these three keys.

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Four was to carry a huge piece of log and traverse through barbed wires. Lastly, fifth task was to unlock the right door among three identical ones and end the task.

Needless to say, all three contestants performed their best with blood and tears (literally). Pribir and Tejaswi couldn’t open the intricate lock while Ayush could. This was the salvaging point for Ayush who finished his task in the shortest of time.

We get it…the task was very difficult.
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We’d say Ayush was definitely a deserved winner, who was physically and mentally fit along with…ahumm some other necessary attribute to survive in a reality show.

Our hearts are still not over Anish though. The way he says genuinely, “You are living our dream, make it worth it”, made us swoon a little. He was truly a person who deserved a spot on the Grand Finale. But whose is it to say? Reality show works in mysterious and malicious ways. We were sad but not surprised.

Other equally good contestants deserved to be called out. A thousand likes to Min Kumari for being the last woman standing, even though she previously had to withdraw from the show due to health issues. Honestly, we aren’t all that sad for Milan though. (If you know what I mean).

Look at that victorious smile!
Credit: Youtube

Lastly, we’d like to acknowledge all the gutsy hearts who entered Roadies season 2 with a lot of dreams and sometimes attitude. It has been a whirlwind journey. We seriously can’t wait for another season to see Laure, Raymon, and Deeya flocking to support these Roadies while also giving them a piece of sass. Until then, we’ll eagerly wait.

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