8 Good News That 2075 B.S Gave Us

The year when we stopped shouting “Batti aayooo!!” or “Batti Gayooo!!”

Good News That 2075 B.S Gave Us

There was a time where we had to wait 16 hours to switch on that tubelight or watch a YouTube video. Now it seems like everything is changing in a good way every year.

We got so many good as well as some bad news this year. Lets just be optimistic and see some good news we had this year.

  1. 1 Loadshedding Free Nepal


    Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has declared the nation as load-shedding free from this year. While loadshedding gave us a pile of golden memories, we're happy its gone.


  2. 2 Won Beauty with a purpose


    She was all over your Facebook wall and admit it, you didn't mind. Her win, our win.

  3. 3 Increment of Tiger population


    There are now 235 wild bengal tigers in Nepal. A huge leap from 2009, when there were only about 120. 

  4. 4 Not so effective Nepal Bandhs


    This year Nepal Banda were not effective at all. I wonder if RONB will change it's Facebook Page name.  

  5. 5 Increase in Tourism Industry


    It is said that there is 33% increase in tourism industry than last year.

  6. 6 In progress to end DHULOMANDU with broomers


    They are like Santa that comes at midnight and cleans your city.

  7. 7 In process of Abolishing unemployment problems


    Government has started giving jobs to unemployed. A great way to start abolishing the problem of unemployment in the country. 

  8. 8 Nepal's First satelite


    What could be greater way to start 2076 than launching our very first satellite into space.

    Good and bad these are two sides of the same coin; inevitable and undeniable. All we can do is hope for the best, be an optimist and give our all for our country.

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