Ways girls hit on guys

Girls hitting on guys is the most mysterious thing since the Bermuda Triangle. You never know if that smile is ‘come get me’ or ‘burn in hell’. Something that has plagued the generations of people into awkward interventions with the opposite sex. 

However, there are some obvious ways girls hit on guys. If you keep your eyes open (and, if you aren’t stupid) you will easily recognize them. 

  1. 1 Stalk them on social media and like an old picture


    It clearly means they’re stalking you and shamelessly, letting you know about it. Congrats she just gave you the first bone to catch.

  2. 2 Laugh really loudly when they pass by


    Laughing really loudly in a high pitched voice is sort of peacock spreading its tail to the opposite sex, trying to act admirable. But sometimes, the laugh may sound like a hyena’s or downright weird. Gosh, she’s really trying!  

  3. 3 Constantly touch them


    Girls will hit you gently on your arm, rest her hands on your legs and touch you in a non-creepy way any chance she gets. It’s an unintentional touch, but OH-SO intentional!

  4. 4 Ask help with the most random things


    Girls actually act like damsels in distress in front of the guys they like. They pretend like they don’t know how to use Microsoft Excel and you’re Bill Gates. In such situations, know that she is just finding opportunities to be close to you!  

  5. 5 Casually let them know what you’re up to this evening


    She says she's "just going home and watching a movie” loud enough for pari ko ghar ko aunty to hear. She wants you to ask her out!  

  6. 6 Intentionally ask their friends about them


    They ask really suspicious questions about you to your best friends (since childhood) because she’s pretty sure that way, words spread fast! And to the right source!

  7. 7 Act SUPER cute


    Pretending to be a cute burrito, suddenly speaking in a sweet voice, and wearing adorable clothes are all her attempts to be admirable. Notice her change in behavior. It’s clear as day!

  8. 8 Bring them food


    Bringing warm food from home wrapped in foil and offering them to you first (and smacking everyone else who comes in the way) is an obvious sign she is hitting on you. The way to a man’s heart is after all, through his tummy, no?  

  9. 9 Keep the conversation alive on social media


    They just want to ensnare you and keep the conversation going. That means running out of things to say and asking “so..do you like bread?” like that’s the mystery bugging her since months.

  10. 10 Trying hard to bring out similarities


    “Oh my god! You like water? Me too!”

  11. 11 Compliment them


    I mean, isn’t it obvious? She’ll shower compliments on you, even if you have a week’s worth of stubble. Chances are, she’ll even find it hot!

  12. 12 Invite them


    She will invite you to a girl’s reunion, baby shower or a boring book exhibition, just to have you around. Now, isn’t that cute?

    At the end of the day, if a girl likes you...really likes you, she’ll let you know. It’s as simple as that. 

    Have you ever had a girl like you like this? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Shuvekshya

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  1. No. 8 works like magic. But it could backfire later. “You used to bring me food paila paila, ajkal k bho?” Careful! 😀

  2. Seems like you didn’t write all pf these, sometimes yoi write them while refering to boys and sometimes you just weite you. Exhibit A – title is “Intentionally ask their friends about them” and the content inside that title is “They ask really suspicious questions about you to your best friends (since childhood) because she’s pretty sure that way, words spread fast! And to the right source!”. If youre willing to spend so much on marketing, why not spend some on writing.

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