Things A Girl Should Definitely Be And Do

Right after girls utter their first cry, a (conveniently pink) handbook filled with clauses and sub-clauses of laws regarding what they should be like. Then, they’re served with a platter full of ‘should and shouldn’t dos’. 

So girls, if you are reading you’ve been brave, so very brave all this time. 

And here are things you should definitely be doing!

  1. 1 Be a little selfish


    It's an Apocalypse every day in life, especially when you are adulting. So, it's okay to let others get eaten by Zombies once in while. Give yourself a break!

  2. 2 Put career over family


    Family is important, but so is career. Trust me, your family can only be proud of you and you achievements!

  3. 3 Wear what makes 'YOU' feel amazing


    Skirt, Ross leather pants, or baggy, boyfriend-stolen sweatshirts; the world’s thy’s ramp. Embrace it!

  4. 4 Cross curfews sometimes


    What’s life without breaking some rules? Don’t be a Cinderella and leave a party too soon. (Hint: The entire fun usually begins past the curfew. *Wink-Wink*) 

  5. 5 Get that degree before you marry


    The real achievement is getting that Masters degree that you always dreamt of! And...being more educated than your future husband. Real badass!  

  6. 6 Or choose not to get married at all


    They say single-life gets better with the age, just like wine. Love it, flaunt it, enjoy it!

  7. 7 Be financially independent


    When you’re a working woman with a bank account that resembles the economy of a small country, you need no man buy that ring you always wanted!

  8. 8 Fall in love


    Wear your heart on your sleeves and never be afraid of falling in love. Life is too short to hold back.

  9. 9 Have a baby or not have a baby


    Motherhood is a role that women get to freely choose. Get over it society!  

  10. 10 Travel solo


    Pack a backpack, tie up those laces and go off in an adventure of a lifetime. 

  11. 11 Don’t let go just 'cause “girls don’t do that”


    Scream! Fight! Live life the way you want to. Don't let those words hold you back. They are worth nothing in front of your happiness. Nothing at all!

  12. 12 Take over the world...buhahaha!


    Like Beyoncé says "Who runs the world? Girls," you know you have all the ploys and weapons to make it happen. #YouGoGirl

    As a girl, have you always struggled with all the shit that the society hands you? Are you pissed, frustrated and bored out of your mind? Do these things to appease your anger!

    SHARE if you think girls shouldn’t do what the society dictates! 

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