Game Of Thrones Fans We All Have Met

Winter is here and so is our excitement for the new and final season of Game of Thrones. The gradual buildup of this slow-burn yet action-packed show, one that nearly spans to a decade, is finally about to pay off. As sad as we are about the series ending, we cannot deny that we are happy about the long wait finally coming to an end.

While keeping their audience at the edge of seats with the Song of Ice and Fire’s detailed history, multiple storylines, well-rounded characters and stunning plot twists, it is not a surprise that Game of Thrones has gathered a substantial amount of viewership and a dedicated mass of followers from its contents. 

In fact, Game of Thrones’s fans are just as diverse as the characters and plot lines in the show.

Following that, here are a few kinds that you usually see.

*WARNING* This segment is full of spoilers. Be aware if you haven’t watched the show yet or plan to watch in the future.

  1. 1 The Readers:

    The fans who have read the entire Song of Ice and Fire series are the know-it-alls. When someone asks, “So what’s this show about?”, they put on their explanation hat and go into a detailed set up of the plot. They are also usually seen busy educating others about the world of Westeros and all its parallels.

    The Readers can also be seen commenting on changes made on the show, all the characters they missed out on and the people that haven’t died in the books yet. Making mental maps from the books and the shows lie among their favorite hobbies.

  2. 2 The Quoters:


    The Quoters are those people who live and breathe the show’s signature lines. Having just finished watching the seasons, they recite these lines on every occasion and opportunity. When someone unironically says, “You know nothing”, you can see their heads snap up as they softly conclude, “Jon Snow”.

    Some of their other favorites include, “Valar Morghulis”, “Winter is Coming” and the best of all, “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.”

  3. 3 The Memers:


    If you follow one of the show lovers on social media, you know what we’re talking about. Quite a well-known fact is that, with a significant cast and impressive scenarios that inspire amusing trepidation among audience, Game of Thrones is a meme mine.

    The Meme Lord’s timeline is filled with the newest and most updated version of the episodes that combine inside jokes from the show with the enigma of modern memes that usually leave the rest of us baffeled. 

  4. 4 The Recommender:


    “What do you mean you haven’t watched Game of Thrones?” The Recommender asks, appalled. “Um…I just, I don’t know? I guess I never had the time…” Someone answers. “You need to watch it! It’s, like, the best show on Earth. It’s so good, so worth it! Please watch it. Promise me you will. Yes? Awesome!” 

    The Recommenders make it their moral duty to spread the hype of the show, assuring that everyone around them watches it and loves it as much as they do. And let’s be honest, many of us who have joined the fanbase reached here through the very words of these fans.

    In fact, they are probably the ones who brought the show to the height that it rests on today.

  5. 5 The Conspiracy Theorists:


    You remember the era when it was unclear who murdered Joffrey? You remember the time before season 7 when R+L=J was just a theory? You know who came up with that? That's right, the Conspiracy Theorists. 

    These are the fans that create and religiously watch all those ‘7 Things You Missed in Episode 8’ videos. They love predictions, analyzations and explanations. Oftentimes, their passion leads them into heated debates. 

    You can especially see them thriving during the wait between episodes. The Conspiracy Theorists watch and re-watch all the episodes, silently collecting evidences for their crazy hypothesis, the hypothesis that is usually true, looking for hidden clues and underlying symbolism.

  6. 6 Here-for-the-Action Squad:


    This group of people couldn’t care less about the plot. To them, the show fulfills their action-craving heart through violent battles, great cinematography, insane CGI dragons and a substantial number of nude scenes. 

    During these moments in the show, they’re often hooting with their similar group of friends who are watching the show for specific aspects of it. This squad is usually skipping the slower, more political parts just to get what they really came for—the action sequences.

  7. 7 The Emotional Wreck:


    When tragedies strike our favorite characters, we empathize with them, even shed a tear or few. Then we move on. Not the Emotional Wrecks. Nu-uh. Game of Thrones has damaged their perfect little world.

    Many of them are still not over Ned’s Death, The Red Wedding, Tyrion’s Trial by Combat and Hodor’s backstory. The show has had its audience emotionally invested in these characters for so long that when something terrible happens to them, as it often does in Westeros, many from the audience never get over it.

  8. 8 The Melomaniac:


    Game of Thrones, without a debate, has given us one of the best soundtracks in TV history. Composer Ramin Djawadi’s masterpieces has the audience shaking and getting non-stop goosebumps throughout the seasons. The showrunners love him and so do all the fans, specifically the melomaniacs.

    With their playlists full of Game of Thrones’ music, many have memorized all the notes of the The Rains of Castamere, Hands of Gold and the tunes belonging to different Houses in Westeros. The Melomaniacs also consider skipping the opening sequence to be a sin and religiously watch it at the beginning of every episode, even when its an episode they've already watched.

  9. 9 The Spoiler King:


    Some fans respect the element of surprise. Some don’t. 

    Many are walking, talking spoilers, gathering a mass of angry people in their wake. Most of them used to be book-readers. But now that the show is a frontrunner, the Spoiler Kings are the villains in the books of those who have kept the show on hold or have just begun watching it.

    You can see them gleefully gloating over the Emotionally Wrecked and the Late to the Party Squad as they give away all the biggest plot twists and deaths in the show.

  10. 10 The One Who Knows Nothing:


    This is the person who has watched all the seasons, all the episodes, all the scenes—yet remembers nothing. They confuse Ned with Robb, Catelyn with Cersei, Viserys with Rhaehar and even Jorah with Joffrey. They don’t remember any of the specific plotlines—or, at times, even the major characters. 

    Their default emotion is usually a question mark.

    Yet, despite their memory of a goldfish, they do not quit the show. The One Who Knows Nothing will continue to know nothing but will, without a doubt, finish watching it.

  11. 11 The Hound-Fans:


    Yes, The Hound Lovers get a whole segment dedicated to them because of their fierce loyalty towards the character. 

    There are Game of Thrones fans; then there are those who consider Sandor Clegane their gods. They proceed with the show with the simple belief that if there’s one character that deserves the throne, it’s the fierce chicken-loving knight and protector of the Stark girls. 

    Beloved for his no-nonsense, brutal nature, Sandor Clegane is a diamond among all the Lannister gold. The Hound fans, like the character himself, are usually softies underneath their hard shells of badassery and fearlessness 

    And we love them so.

  12. 12 The Shippers:


    If you don’t know what ‘shipping’ means, let us explain. It’s when a person, usually an audience, wishes two imaginary characters to just get together and get it on. This pairing is called their OTP (One True Pair). Now that’s out of the way, how many of us have thought that Jon and Dany would make a cute couple since season 3?

    Many ships have been constructed in the land of Westeros since the first season. The most popular among them are Jon Snow and Daenerys, The Hound and Sansa Stark, Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, and the most recent, perhaps, the most interesting of all, Tormund and Brienne of Tarth. Sadly, many of these ships have never sailed, if you know what I mean.

  13. 13 Late to the Party Squad:


    These are the fans that finally, finally, gave in to all the hype and recommendations, gave the show a chance. And then ended up loving it. Usually, the Late to the Party Squad is also caught crying because someone spoiled a plot twist, or because their favourites characters have died—deaths that rest of us have moved on from.

    When one of them speaks excitedly of a new theory they have, the updated people find themselves struggling not to prove it wrong or ruin the show. However, it does make our heart happy to see someone new joining this emotional wreck of a fandom.

    Game of Thrones is no longer just a show. It's a way of life. If you haven't watched it yet, you are missing out! Yes, I belong to the Recommenders Squad. 

    Which one do you belong to? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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