Gadgets For Your Babies

Today’s kids will never understand playing with carrom boards and LUDO in real life.

Remember the time when we used to play outside till it gets dark and our mom starts shouting at us. Well, for todays kids we only see gadgets and new innovation in their hand increasing day by day. 

There are so many gadgets that you could give it to your children but always remember not to give them extra screentime. 

So, Lets begin the list of gadgets for your babies

  1. 1 Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet


    If you want your kid to have a tablet, this is the perfect child friendly tablet. This isn't as powerful, and has kid-focused software which is just perfect for kids. 

  2. 2 Nintendo 2DS


    This game is a safe bet where it's capable of playing any game in the DS and 3DS library, and older games via Nintendo's Virtual Console.

  3. 3 iPod-Touch


    It is just like an iPhone which has the same camera, app and interface where the only missing feature is the phone.

  4. 4 Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies" not WalkieTalkies


    Gearup for 2-way audio/video communications. With a range of up to 160 feet you can stay in constant communication with your fellow agent.

  5. 5 Vtech kid zoom smartwatch DX


    It is the smartest watch for kids! Perfect for young photographers, this durable smartwatch makes it easy to take photos and record videos on the go

  6. 6 Infinity cube


    It is a fidget-friendly piece of EDC made for one-handed focus and stress relief like its spinning cohorts, but composed of 8 x 17mm cubes you can fold around, and on top of one another, forming the toy into and out of a single 35mm cube

  7. 7 Ozobot Bit Coding Robot


    Bit gets kids coding and loving robots with the stroke of a marker. Customize, code with colors, and advance to OzoBlockly.

  8. 8 Kikerland Music Box


    Kids could utilize their time making music since the charm of a music box still lingers to this day, and now this is the mechanism that creates the music is available for you to compose any song you wish.

    No matter how many gadgets come and go, we should never forget to look up and enjoy what's around and also teach our children the same thing. 

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