Facebook Friend Requests We Get All The Time

As much as the prospect of knowing someone new or the mere fact that someone cared enough to hit that ‘send-friend-request’ button might surprise us, friend requests aren’t always an enjoyable affair.

Now that we’ve agreed on this, let’s get on with all the special kinds of Facebook friend requests that have us ROFL.

  1. 1 The Stalker

    YouTube/Highlights Nepal

    That one person who saw you at a friend’s party, creeped through all five hundred of the attendee’s Facebook, checked all the tags, did all the homework and has finally found your profile. Be warned, he will know all your deepest darkest secrets, even if you don’t know them yourself.

  2. 2 The Distant Relative

    YouTube/ Highlights Nepal

    Just because their ancestors had the same face as yours, or your surname rhymes with theirs, they will send, and consistently so, a request per hour, no matter how many times you delete them.

  3. 3 The Lost Friend

    YouTube/ Highlights Nepal

    You might not even remember their face, but they remember your name, your favourite lunch and which subject you failed the most. They will add you as if you are the only living memory of their childhood, and haunt you till you accept it.

  4. 4 The One You Never Confirm

    YouTube/ G21 Digital

    The ones in the friend-zone still have some hope. This one has a lot of hope but no chance. Not even a pinch. Nada!

  5. 5 The Stranger With Mutual Friends

    YouTube/ Highlights Nepal

    That one person who could have just landed from an alien planet but you will still accept his request because my friends’ friends are my friends too.

  6. 6 The No Connection

    YouTube/ The Cartoonz Crew

    This one with no mutual friends is the Liam Neeson of friend requests. He lives by the motto --”I don’t know who you are or where you are from, but I will stalk you and send friend request.”

  7. 7 The One Who Just Wants to Be 'FRANDS':

    YouTube/ Ur Style TV Network

    This is one person who will slide into your messenger and keep insisting he just wants to be your ‘frand’ with a series of other compliments that make no sense.

  8. 8 The Matrimonial (The Lami)

    YouTube/ Highlights Nepal

    If you’ve been noticed by them, it’s time to pack your profile and check your privacy setting before they set you up with someone they know for an arranged marriage.

  9. 9 The Foreign Connection

    YouTube/ OSR Digital

    This is the Russian roulette of social media. Don’t. I repeat, don’t accept it unless you want to be flooded with unwanted spams.  

  10. 10 The Celebrity Twins

    Before you think that your favourite celeb took time to send you a friend request, let me burst your bubble here. They are just even crazier about the celeb than you, but still, want to be your friend. Embrace it!

  11. 11 The Falana-Ko-Xori-Moh

    YouTube/ Highlights Nepal

    This is the only thing about them in their profile and you have no clue who are they and why they want to be your friend. 

    Do you agree with our list? Did we miss any other kinds of friend requests you get? Let us know what you think in the comments! 

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