If these famous dialogues were in Nepali

“Sambanda ma ta ma timro buba jasto ho, naam ho Shankhar!”

There are so many well-known dialogues of Bollywood and Hollywood but could you imagine using them in real life? Now you can use these dialogues when ever you want!! Let’s see how these dialogues turn out to be when we Nepalify them!!

Here are some of the famous dialogues and how they would look like If these were in Nepali:

  1. 1 "We were on a break" (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)- Hami chutti ma thiyau!!


    This could be every students' most favorite response to say in their minds when the teachers ask them to submit vacation assignments! 

  2. 2 "Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin … namumkin hai" (Don) - Don lai samatnu kathin matra haina, asambhav ho!


    When you cheat in the exam and your teacher doesn't catch you, you feel like you're 'The don' of the school!

  3. 3 "You had me at 'Hello' "(Jerry Maguire ) - Timile malai 'oi''ma nai payau!

    Youtube/ Movieclips

    When your friend who actually remembers you only when they need you texts 'oi'.

    We be like," maile timro 'oi' bhanne sabda nai chinisake!!"

  4. 4 "Bade bade deshon mein aaisi choti choti baatein … hoti rehti hai"(Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) - Thulo thulo desh ma esto sano sano kura bhainai rakhcha!


    But for Nepal, its the opposite! 

    Sano sano desh ma esto thulo thulo kura bhairakhcha! 


  5. 5 "Luke, I am your father "(Star Wars)- Lokesh, ma timro pita ho!


    This is every father's favourite dialogue to make his son/ daughter do what he wants them to!

    Also, moms be like: "Rakesh, ma tero aama ho, maile bhaneko kura mandainas?"

  6. 6 "Our business is our business, none of your business" (Race 3) - हाम्रो ब्यवसाय भनेको हाम्रो निजि हो। तिम्रो चासोको कुरा कतै होइन!!

    YouTube/ Ashish Kakkad

    This is something that you want to tell every overenthusiastic aunty and neighbours who stick their nose in our business!!

    Keep your nose out of it!!

  7. 7 "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" (Gone with the wind) - Fyauri, meri pyari, malai kei matlab chaina!


    Husbands be like, "Fyauri, meri pyari, malai kei matlab chaina, timilai j  manlagcha tei banau ma khaidinchu"

  8. 8 "Rishte mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai aur naam hai shehensha" (Shahenshah) - Sambanda ma ta ma timro buba jasto ho, naam ho Shankhar!


    Tara hamro Sankhar(Rajesh dai) kasaiko pita hainan, uha ta Bhuwan KC ko chora hun" 


  9. 9 "You can't handle the truth" (A few Good Men) - Timile satya sahana sakdainau!


    Every student feel that they can handle any truth but they can't handle the fact that they got low marks because they didn't study!!

    "Arey please yaar sir/ma'am, mero parents ko agadi ta testo nabhanidinu phone haru lidincha"

  10. 10 "Mere Karan Arjun Aayenge. Zameen Ki Chaati Phad Ke Aayenge, Aasman Ka Seena Cheer Ke Aayenge" - Mero Karan ra Arjun aauchan, jamin ko chatti fatayera aaucha, aakash ko pani chatti chirera aauchan!!


    When someone mistreats or misbehaves with you, you'll think of calling your brothers x and y and many more!!

  11. 11 "Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face" (Dark Knight) - Kina esto gambhir? Afno anuhar ma muskan rakhne garam!


    Said every parent in a family function!!!

  12. 12 "Kuttey kaminey, Main tera khoon pee jaoonga"( Yaadon Ki Baraat) - Kukur, beman, ma tero ragat pyuidinchu!!

    YouTube/ Parag Arora

    When your friend cancels the plan at the last minute!!

    Now, these dialogues can be used in real life as well. Do you agree with us? Tell us in the comments below of any other famous dialogues and their application in real life!!

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