Every Nepali Girl Has These 10 Things In Her Handbag

The earth would stand still if girls stopped carrying a handbag. Don’t you think? 

There is nothing closer to a Nepali girl than her bag. That is why, all of them love screaming, “NEVER LOOK INSIDE A GIRL’S BAG,” even though you aren’t anywhere close to it or for that matter interested in it. 

There is a whole range of bags that girls carry. Some girls carry a little backpack which is just as cute as them. Others carry a handbag as big as a backpack. Meanwhile, some prefer to carry side bag in the smallest size offered.

But, you could pretty much find the same stuff in all of them. How all these things get inside their bags, is a mystery. Well then, let’s take the cats out of the bags!

  1. 1 Little makeup bag


    A girl might forget to put a pen in her bag before going to college but forgetting her little makeup bag is a no-no. You can still pretend to write with a lip liner but what on Earth could you do with a pen?! 

    So, what is inside this little mysterious thing? Some girls prefer to carry all their makeup inside it, you know, just in case Brad Pitt is in the town! 

    You’ll find for sure a compact powder, mascara, lipstick, eye or a lip liner, perfume, nail polish and a hairbrush. Even though they might not use any of these, it relaxes them to know that they have them.

  2. 2 Trash

    Sofia Pradhan

    Bills, bus tickets, wrappers of Choco-fun, Dairy milk, Wai Wai can be found scattered everywhere in her bag. Sometimes, it feels like you are looking for something in a dustbin, that is when she realizes it’s time to clean it up.

  3. 3 Hand sanitizers and Tissues


    This piece of article has become trendy these days. One can understand wearing a mask but hand sanitizer? Well, if it makes them feel properly clean, why not?  You’ll also find this new cat in their bags. 

    Tissues were in trend before the invention of hand sanitizers. Now, it has become a common street cat. So common that even boys carry them!

  4. 4 Phone


    Have you ever seen a girl looking at her phone and making her hair? Yes, her invincible mirror slips inside her purse like a slim cat. Although, it stays most of the time in her hands. Sometimes it gets forgotten and you hear a shrieking voice, “Where is my phone??”

  5. 5 Snacks


    Are you very hungry?  And don’t have time because you got deadlines? Then, what you can do is fumble inside a girl’s bag and be absolutely sure to find something. 

    Even though most of them could be empty wrappers, Pau, chocolates, durkha, pizza-flavoured wai-wai, and candies are common snacks you’ll find which she’ll not share until you are a very good friend. So, grab that snack before the big cat comes.

  6. 6 College ID card

    Sofia Pradhan

    We all know how girls are keen on saving little money from their pockets. It wouldn't make much sense to save a rupee or two but a College ID card is always in their bag for public transport discounts. 

    Just wait until the end of the month and see who earns that extra plate of momos!

  7. 7 Sanitary Pads


    This is a ‘must item’ in a girl’s handbag but they usually don’t find it when they need it. If she is lucky, her friend might have one with her. It’s usually for this reason they scream when someone is even near their bags even though they forgot to put this cat in.

  8. 8 Money purse


    Usually, money is scattered everywhere in their bags; except where it's supposed to be— the money bag!. Even though there’s no money inside this money purse of theirs, you will still find it in their purses. 

    The money, you ask? They are in the little zip pouches here and there but mostly, of 5’s and 10’s. Then, when they find 500rs rolled with 10’s and 5’s, they are like, everywhere, but nowhere at the same time!

  9. 9 A Novel


    A new novel of Chetan Bhagat, Murakami or Subin Bhattarai  is in the town and a girl doesn’t have it in her handbag? Impossible! Trust me when I tell you, you’ll find a copy of each with all Nepali girls in their bags.

  10. 10 A good-luck charm


    This cat is a personalized one. She could have a Russian blue, Persian, Scottish fold, sphynx or even a Bengal cat inside her bag. Some girls carry a little idol of Lord Ganesh, while others carry a photo of someone special. It could also be an old locket or a special letter.

    It might be hectic carrying so many things at once, yet every Nepali girl manages to do it every single day! So, all the guys out there, instead of making fun about her "tanker" bag, be thankful, because if you ever need a pin for your broken zipper, you know who to count on!

    Ladies, what do you think? Do you have any personal favourite item that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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    • I am sorry for disappointing you but the title of the article is 10 things that nepali girl have not what they are supposed to have. I do wanted to put Murakami. Maybe that wouldn’t have saddened you:?

      • I was basing my statement on the information you gave here, thus the “supposed to have”. Reading the books you mentioned isn’t a bad thing but there are actually good books out there too. Sure, murakami will do just fine

  1. Everything is true.. well done.. also i almost died laughing with the book thing because i generally carey book which i wanna finish reading and currently i am reading Priya Sufi by Subin Bhattarai and it is always in my bag ????????

  2. only thing I carry is mobile phone, money and pads on my period but I can’t disagree on this because most of the girls do carry these things in their bags

  3. This kind of generalization really portrays an unrealistic image. For me must have items are 3, 4, 7 and 8.
    Point to be noted, all girls don’t read the same stuffs. I haven’t read books from any authors you’ve mentioned. Last three books I read are Origin, Freekonomics and Born a Crime. I would easily trade the books you mentioned above with A Song of Ice and Fire or Harry potter series.
    A lucky charm ! How many girls did you talk to before you came to that conclusion.

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