Events We Need In Nepal

Now that we have Kulman Ghising, the five-days Tomorrowland Event is no biggie.

Events We Need In Nepal

We are known for all sorts of events and festivals. 

But What if we were to bring the events from around the world and celebrate it in a Nepali way?

 It would certainy be refreshing, wouldn’t it? So, here are some of the events we need in Nepal.

  1. 1 Tomorrowland

    YouTube/ ItsAllViral

    Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival held in Boom, Belgium.

    You'll definitely meet people who dances to "Galbandhi" as you and be galbandi buddies forever. *wink*

  2. 2 Met Gala


    Met Gala is not just about fashion, it is also a fundraising gala. 

    While memers will always be ready to create internet battles, we will be wondering how Priyanka Karki outfit will grace the carpets.

  3. 3 Exit

    YouTube/ ItsAllViral

    Exit is a renowned and the most celebrated music festival in the world. Its a festival filled with enjoyment.

    You would never want to exit from the exit festival. 😉

  4. 4 Coachella

    YouTube/ ItsAllViral

    Coachella is an annual music and arts festival of California.

     Its like a 5 days party with music all day and all night! 

  5. 5 Cannes

    YouTube/ Noble Nepal

    Cannes is one of the most leading flim festival in the world. But what if Nepal had its own flm festival where the actors are all glammed in Nepali designers's clother and filled with fashion?

    That would give us some major fashion goals!

  6. 6 La Tomatina

    YouTube/ No Comment TV

    La Tomatina is a festival of Spain in which people throw crushed tomatoes at each other and in the end, splash water to clean themselves.

    But Nepali moms will be like "Khane kura falnu hunna". So, this festival will hardly be celebrated in Nepal. 

  7. 7 Black Friday


    Black Friday is the day when there is heavy discounts on the products and you get it at really low price.

    Hmm, but our moms will still try to use their bargaining skills even if it's the lowest price. Won't they?

    Do you agree with us? Tell us in the comments below about other events that you really want in Nepal. 

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