Digital Artist job in nepal

Digital Artist Job Vacancy In Nepal

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Technology has introduced a huge number of new ways to get better work done in less time, and art is no different. Digital art has a unique look to it and gives artists the tools they need to express themselves in new ways that sometimes wouldn’t be possible with traditional pen and paper art.

If you’re an experienced digital artist with a talent for storytelling, then we want you on our team. Digital comics are incredibly popular online and can tell great stories in only a few panels.

If you love entertaining people with your art and stories then we’d love to have your content on our site.


  • Work with our team of creators to fill our site with great digital art and content
  • Make entertaining digital comics
  • Produce work within a reasonable timeframe


  • Previous experience with making digital art or comics (related degree preferred)
  • A portfolio you can share with us
  • Ability to learn new techniques and styles
  • Ability to work within timelines

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234 shares, 18 points


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