Everything We Learned From Daily Serials

To say that daily serials are the biggest invention since the rockets, would be an understatement. They take us into wonderlands, unfolding dramas, and evil queens that would put the Red Queen to shame.

If you grew up watching daily serials, you probably have some part of you that’s equally damaged and dramatic at the same time. All thanks to the awesome things you learned from them:

  1. 1 Plastic surgery will make you a totally different person


    Imagine going in as Shakti Kapoor coming out as Kareena Kapoor.  


  2. 2 If you’re dead you’ll always come back


    They will resurrect you twice if you die once. Take that death!

  3. 3 Someone will always catch you when you fall


    Slipped on a banana peel, or a flight of stairs in a temple? Don’t worry your knight in shining armor will step in to save you, whilst staring deep in your eyes.

  4. 4 Intensely clanging bells in a temple will fulfill all your wishes


    Bells in a temple will ring with loud dhum-tanananana background score and miraculously, you’ll wake up as if yesterday never happened!

  5. 5 Extinguished flames and broken frames are a bad omen


    Died out flames, and splintered frames? A mysterious antagonist will come to ruin everyone’s lives and someone will die.

  6. 6 Sasu-buhari can never be friends


    Sasu-buhari are arch enemies who have sworn to hate each other for life. Sort of like, Taylor Swift and Kanye, with a lot of big stares and dramatic music.

  7. 7 One of the ‘bhaujus’ is always evil


    In a joint family, with multiple colorful bhaujus, one of them will always turn out to be evil. *Cue: One with the biggest tika.

  8. 8 Slaps always repeat themselves thrice


    The loud slap will always echo all over the huge bungalow thrice with the usual ‘dhum tanananana’ in the background.

  9. 9 Heroine only sings aarati and has a fabulous voice always

    The Hindustan

    Om Jai Jagadish Hare - the go-to song.

  10. 10 People think very loud, literally

    Farnaz Fever

    Fingers crossed they don’t think-talk about their bowel movements!  

  11. 11 Blood can replace sindoors anytime, and get you married


    It is easier to cut your finger than buy a ten rupees worth of sindoor. For them at least.

  12. 12 Touching hands will get you pregnant


    The hero would touch heroine’s hand one millimeter per second...and poof! A few episodes later, it’s good news for the entire family.

  13. 13 Someone will always stop your wedding

    Teenage Hack

    Oh, and weddings are the most dramatic moment of any serial with one phera per episode.

  14. 14 Avoid jhumars and ceilings fans


    The death epidemic in serials is not old age or cancer. It’s jhumars and ceilings fans! 

    Did you enjoy the absurdity of daily serials especially the Hindi ones? Tell us in the comments!

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Written by Shuvekshya

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  1. So true.. Not only the serials these are movie’s happenings too.. And absurd thoughts like these are a mandatory in a family like mine..

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