Hilarious Thoughts You Have While Watching Commercials In A Movie Theatre

Sad woman: “Sonakshi?”

Sonakshi: K tapai singer ho?

Sad woman: Hoina khali, college ma ali ali…

Sonakshi: Greys lukaunu, afno passion hoina! (interrupting in mid-sentence because who cares, Streax paid far too much money for Sonakshi screen time!)

You might have laughed, cringed or questioned the sanity of the world while watching it. But admit it, you have thought these things while you were suppressing a pee-inducing laugh in front of your date.

  1. 1 “Why is it so long?”


    Sometimes, it feels like you have been cursed to watch a never-ending series of bad commercials; longer than the Lord of the Rings on Bollywood slo-mo. Watching the news with your dad as a child wasn’t that bad after all, eh?

  2. 2 “Who cares?”


    Who cares that changing my shampoo will turn me into a mega-superstar the next day? I’m already one! (wink wink)

  3. 3 “I would have acted better than that person”


    The actress is trying to be a good wife with her oh-so-real whinings about groceries but seems like a teenager complaining about the internet. So convincing!

  4. 4 “I should try that product”


    Aren’t we all the puppets of Capitalism, after all? #sedlyf

  5. 5 “This is so fake”


    I mean, it’s faker than Kim K’s spray tan from 2008 but is still rubbed on our faces like it’s gold.

  6. 6 “This is so ridiculous”


    Are people going to treat me like royalty if I study at a PARTICULAR college? Will I turn heads and make people gasp in amazement? Apparently, I will (according to this ad.) #shook

  7. 7 “Please no condom ads.”


    What could be more embarrassing than watching Sunny Leone talking protection in a sensual breathy voice while on your second date?

  8. 8 “Save me from Nepali movie trailers.”


    Nepali movie trailers have traumatized me and scarred my adolescence. Rekha Thapa jumping in mid-air for a flying kick, and only a minute later saying the most cheesy line about women empowerment. So many things are wrong here. Someone help!

  9. 9 “Don’t rub Miss Nepals on my face.”


    They’re already all over my social media! Do they have to follow me when I want to watch a movie in peace? They’re nice and all, but a break, please? Thank you!

  10. 10 “How much did they pay that celebrity?”


    Pretty sure, they paid big bucks to that celebrity to show their teeth and read from a script. How much exactly? I wish I was a celebrity! (gasp...God, I hate my job!)

  11. 11 “Is this an acting inception?”


    It’s an actress shooting for a movie inside a commercial being shot for a real commercial. I think my head is a bit woozy.

  12. 12 “Commercials are my saviour.”


    The visit to the washroom and the queue for popcorn might be longer than anticipated, sometimes. You rush, with all your popcorn flying wild and then you hear the sound of a cheesy commercial. Thank heavens!

  13. 13 “That was...fun.”


    Oh just admit it, that was fun though. At least it's better than watching a blank screen and contemplating about life. 

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