Comic Books Maniacs You Will Meet In Your Life

Comic books have seen their popularity soar over the past decade. It’s mainly due to the fact that so many comic-based movies are coming out every year. Go and check out the number of superhero movie releases for the coming year and you’ll surely be surprised. There’s probably one such movie releasing every two or three months.

Therefore, it won’t come as a surprise that this medium has quite the fan following which has become a subculture of its own. While some of the fans joined this culture due to the recent movies, most of them were there from the beginning. They were the ones who witnessed the birth of likeable characters like Deadpool and Venom. The ones who were blessed with the opportunity to read storylines like “The Death of Superman” and the “Clone Saga”.

Having said that, here are the types of comic book fans you will have the opportunity to meet.

  1. 1 The Veteran


    They are the people who have been a fan for years or even decades. As far as you know, they have been reading every comic book issue ever released since 1940. So naturally, they are well-versed in every aspect of the comics universe. They will give you the exact release date of every issue. They will also tell you what the characters did in those particular issues. Basically, they are kind of historians who keep track of fictional events.  

  2. 2 The Collector


    This person is a more evolved version of The Veteran. Not only have they been following comics for years but also keeping a collection of each issue of almost every superhero storyline. Their collection is one of his most prized achievements and it probably won’t stop just there. Chances are, they have a collection of all the related merchandise as well. From action figures to costumes, they have it all.

  3. 3 The Researcher


    Seeing their dedication, you might think they are working on some kind of assignment or a thesis paper. But nope. They spend most of their days digging up every detail about every character. When they are not reading any comic book, they are looking up Wikipedia articles about those characters. And, they don't just keep all of that information to themselves. They will splash you with some of their knee-deep trivial comic book knowledge whether you like it or not.

  4. 4 The New Guy


    Every comic book fan can relate to this since all of them had a first-time experience with them. It’s that time when you had just picked up the first comic book you ever read and suddenly were captivated by it. The flashy images, snappy dialogues and overall artwork won you over and you just couldn’t put it down. The only downside is that you aren’t familiar with the lore and backstories that come with each character. And that is sure to put you in trouble with The Veteran.

  5. 5 The Movie only


    Like we said, superhero movies are all the rage these days and people flock to the theatres to watch them. And for this person, these movies are the connection to comic books since they never read them as a kid. Their knowledge about the characters and the storylines are limited, or even non-existent. So, they rely on the fanatics like the Researcher for context. Nonetheless, they are as enthusiastic about watching the movies as the fanatics are about reading the comics.

  6. 6 The Warmonger


    DC and Marvel aren’t the only comic book publishers in the world but they are certainly two of the biggest. They have been producing separate yet similar content since the 1940s, with each having a fan base of its own. And the Warmonger belongs to one of these two fan groups. They will frequently try to one-up people who belong to the other group. They constantly explain how their favourite heroes could easily thump their rival’s. There is a middle ground where it is permissible to like characters and stories from both publishers. They just don’t see it.

  7. 7 The Normy


    They are the casual fans who know not to take comics too seriously. After all, they understand that the superheroes live in fictional worlds where realism isn’t a requirement. For them, a comic book is just another source of entertainment, much like a movie or a series. They aren't as well versed with the lore as the veteran or the researcher. Their relative indifference and ignorance usually annoy the hell out of both of them.

    Nevertheless, we are extremely grateful for all the comic-fans. After all, they are the ones who got superheroes into pop-culture and brought it to the height that it is in today. We owe great movies like Deadpool, The Dark Knight, Infinity War and many more that have given us tremendous joy throughout the years.

    Let us know if you can relate to us! Did we miss any kinds of comic fans? Comment below!

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