Classmates We All Had In Our School Life

Going to school seems like a major chore when we are young. Waking up early in the mornings only spend the rest of the day in a room is a major hassle. Nevertheless, we can’t deny that school is a major part our lives that none of us would forget any time soon.

Part of what makes it so memorable is the interactions you have with your fellow classmates. There always is a wide variety when it comes to classmates. After all, no two individuals are the same. But that being said, every class had specific categories of students, which you will come across regardless of which school you went to.

And within the mind, here is a list of classmates that everyone has or has had in their school.

  1. 1 The Studious

    We Heart It

    The ones who consistently topped their class every single time the results arrived. They are the messiahs of all the students, including yourself, who need help with studying or are too lazy to do their assignments. 

    Every single morning, you witness their assignments being passed from one student to another. During exams season, you’d flock by their sides, taking notes and advice, as if they were the actual teachers. You only wish that maybe you could somehow swap brains with them. But, then again, even if that were to happen, your laziness would still be the end of you.

  2. 2 The Troublemakers


    Everyone is mischevious to some degree while in school. Whether it is playing hilarious pranks on friends or teachers, immaturity is a common characteristic among students. However, these ones take it to the very next level.

    It seems like not a single day goes by when they aren’t getting in trouble with teachers for their silly antics. And punishments don’t seem to deter them either. In fact, they seem to encourage them. They always seem to outdo themselves with each of their pranks. But you have to admit, no matter how obnoxious you think they are, they never fail to amuse you.

  3. 3 The Teacher’s Sidekicks


    So you thought only superheroes had sidekicks, eh? Well, think again. These are the ones who do all their best to become a particular teacher’s favourites, for some reason. You should surely expect them to become unusually active in class during that teacher's class. That wouldn’t be surprising in and of itself if they weren’t the total opposite in any other class.

    The sidekicks are probably the least favoured among the ones on this list and they are so for a few good reasons. Just when you had thought the teacher has forgotten to give out assignments, guess who reminds them? 

  4. 4 The Clowns


    You might think that they are kind of an offshoot from the troublemakers, but they aren’t exactly similar. They will bombard the class with their never-ending supply of jokes and one-liners. They are often funny and often not. But they will never stop pursuing their life goal: to make everyone laugh. 

    They generally tend to be fun people to hang out with, after all, who doesn’t appreciate a genuinely good sense of humour? Every once in a while, they tend to get in a funny banter with each other or with the teacher, which serves as a perfect source of entertainment for the rest of the class.

  5. 5 The Artists


    Some are born with a natural talent for art. Some achieve mastery over art through practice. Regardless of how they got this amazing skill, you have to admit that your class artists do an amazing job with it. And while the term “artist” has a very broad definition, we’re strictly talking about visual arts, i.e, sketching and painting.

    They seem to live in a separate world where inspiration and creativity grow on trees. While you struggle to draw a proper circle, they seem to finish works of art that would give Picasso a run for his money.

  6. 6 The Clueless


    Imagine being completely lost in a dense jungle where every other way seems exactly the same. You can’t get out of it because you need someone to guide you through. That’s exactly the situation of clueless ones in class. 

    Somehow everything the teacher says seems to completely go over their heads. So naturally, they need their friends to help them out in class. You can’t blame them either, since most of the time, they try their best to pay attention. Somehow, the knowledge just seems to escape them.

  7. 7 The Musicians


    Like visual arts, music is also a form of art that you are either born with or you can master over time. However, you can be sure that the musicians in your class are pretty much born with it because there is no way in hell they could be so skilled through practice.

    There are always those in your class that are gifted with a one or even multiple instruments like the guitar, the violin and the piano. And if you play an instrument well, you are automatically considered to be included among the cool ones in class.

  8. 8 The Sleepyhead


    Classes often tend to be very boring. Combine that with an early morning schedule and you have got a perfect recipe for whole sleepy class. But there are also the ones who are perpetually sleepy regardless of what time of day it is.

    They have a characteristic drowsy look, with droopy eyes and forward-tilted head, whenever a class starts. Looking at them, you might assume that they haven’t slept for a whole week. 

  9. 9 The Leaders


    No, we aren’t talking about class monitors who are elected by the teachers. We are talking about the ones who had the natural ability to take the lead whenever such a need arrived. If a group project or assignment came up, you knew who would be at the forefront of it.  

    They might not be at the top of their class in terms of academic results. However, they have the inborn ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. As a result, they are among the popular ones among your classmates.

    Regardless of how our friends were, we know deep in our hearts that they helped us make some of the most beautiful memories of our lives. 

    Do you agree? Which one do you think you or your friends were? Let us know in the comments below.

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