Which Nepali Celeb Couple Are You?

With love season hitting us all hard, aren’t you curious which celeb couple are just like you and your ‘maya’?

I mean forget Brangelina, they are long gone by 2016, let’s talk about ‘Ayanka’ (Priyanka – Ayushman), ‘Sansha’ (Barsha – Sanjog)  and all other celeb couples live in our very own Nepali universe, and who are giving us couple goals since the beginning of 2019. After all just like them, when you see your happy ending, you see ‘baja bajaera jyaikuti’, don’t you? 

So, take this quiz and find out, who you and your ‘MAYA’ are like the most:

  1. 1 Where did you meet your 'maya'?

    1. School, Like In Movies!
    2. Office
    3. Online.
    4. Through Friends.
    5. Party. Woot! Woot!!
    6. Family. #SanskariPeople
  2. 2 What do you guys love doing together the most?

    1. Watch Movies.
    2. Have Dinner.
    3. Go Clubbing.
    4. Go Hikes/ Long Drives
    5. Stay In and Cuddle
    6. Nothing, We Are Boring
  3. 3 What do you guys do after a fight?

    1. Stop Talking ('thussa parera')
    2. Take Her For Momo and Coke
    3. Hatar-Hatar Apologize
    4. Crack Jokes Until The Other Laughs
    5. Give Space To One Another
    6. Rant In Social Media
  4. 4 What is that song that reminds you of your 'maya'?

    1. Flirty Maya
    2. Hataridai Bataasidai
    3. Pareli Ma Lukai Rakha
    4. Muskurayera
    5. Sunday Morning Love You
    6. Ba Malai Tei Keti Chahinchha (*Could Be Keta In Your Case)
  5. 5 What is the grossest habit that your 'maya' knows about you?

    1. That You Bite Nails
    2. That You Fart
    3. That You Dig Your Nose
    4. That You Drool While Sleeping
    5. Nah, My 'Maya' Doesn't Know About It. Yet.
    6. Eww, I Am Perfect!
  6. 6 Name that one series you love watching with your 'maya'.

    1. Game Of Thrones
    2. Breaking Bad
    3. FRIENDS
    4. How I Met Your Mother
    5. The Little Things
    6. The Vampire Diaries

Which Nepali Celeb Couple Are You?

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  1. Quiz result


    Your love defies ages, and it shall grow younger with each day.  You both love showing off your 'maya', and PDAs are how you express you love for one another.
    Enjoy this eternal puppy-love. 

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  2. Quiz result


    You guys are like fire and water, but that's how love sizzles. It may or may not be perfect, but definitely you guys make up the cutest couple in the block. Teddy Days and Rose Days exist because of you both. 

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  3. Quiz result


    You guys add sparkle to one another's lives. You guys are highly private at times and only share a side or two of your relationship to others. You have a very unconventional story, but you know how to grow in it.

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  4. Quiz result

    Rajesh Hamal-Madhu

    You are the POWER COUPLE. Nothing can come between you. NOTHING!

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    You are the It Couple - would have said Bezos and Mackenzie of K-Town, but well, better than that because you guys will be together and have amazingly cutesie-patootsie babies. 

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  6. Quiz result

    Ma-Ha Jodi

    HA-HA!  You guys personify friend-zone. Once you can make out of it, take this quiz again then!

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Which celeb couple did you get? Brag your answers with your friends. Or, make them take the quiz so that you can compare and laugh at one another. After all, what is friendship for, if you can’t laugh at your friends?

So, do share your results with your friends, and with us here to in comments below! We are dying to know which one of the couple you got!!

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