Things You Know If You Have Lived In A Boarding School

Some say that your school is your second home, and that is technically true to some extent. And it is literally true if you go to a boarding school.

A boarding school is like an enclosed ecosystem in itself which is an unforgettable part of your life. But with it, comes a host of different experiences that a day-scholar won’t be able to relate to.

  1. 1 Sharing food/snacks


    A boarding school is like a communist society where the concept of “my food” doesn’t exist. If you opened up a packet of chips or a stick of chewing-gum, you surely gotta share it with everyone else.

  2. 2 Long queues for the bathroom in the morning


    What do you get when you cram at least 500 kids in a school with 10 bathrooms? Yep.

  3. 3 Exchanging clothes

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    Your clothes aren’t yours unless you had your name written on them. And even if you did, your buddies are going ask to borrow it and lose it, anyway.  

  4. 4 Terrible food


    What is it with boarding schools always giving you food that would normally be given to hospital patients? Why are we treated like we are allergic to sugar and spice... and everything nice?

  5. 5 Sneaking out


    Every student has had this experience of going commando and sneaking past the security guards and probably feel like Andy Dufresne when he broke out of Shawshank.

  6. 6 Dorm room shenanigans


    If you don’t act like a total weird buffoon before the lights go out for sleep time, you are the weird one. Period.

  7. 7 Waking up super early


    You might make the mistake of thinking that you signed for the army rather than a boarding school. It is the rule of having to be up by 5 am that puts everyone in a drowsy mood for the rest of the day.

  8. 8 A rigid schedule


    Breakfast at 7 am. Classes starting from 9 am. Physical exercise at 4 pm. You know the drill.

  9. 9 Friends “borrowing” your stuff


    You have a pencil? Not anymore. You have new athletic shoes? Not anymore. You have a new mp3 player? Not anymore.

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