Best Souvenirs From Nepal To Take Back Home


Have you ever fallen in love with a place so much, that you wanted to take some part of it back home? Some of the best souvenirs from Nepal can be a tiny piece of Nepal that you can take back to your country.

These might be something as small as a traditional Nepali hat or a Gurkha kukri. It’s something you find while strolling through the colorful alleys of Thamel or Patan. The significance of a souvenir is that they bring about a thousand memories.

It’s hard to return empty-handed when you roam the bustling marketplaces of Kathmandu. Authentic Nepali handicrafts are found in almost every corner. Not all of these are heavy on your pocket. It’s a good idea to get a Nepal gift for your loved ones back home, waiting to hear interesting stories about your travels.

Pashmina Shawls


Wrap it around your neck or add a bold style statement to your outfit, Pashmina shawls are the safest option for a souvenir. It’s made from the soft hair of mountain goats, therefore are extremely light and luxurious. You know it’s a good buy because Nepal is one of the best producers of Pashmina in the world otherwise known as Cashmere. What’s not to love about this luxurious fabric? They are soft and available in a wide range of colors, designs, and prices. You can easily find them across marketplaces of main tourist attractions.

Thangka Painting

Credit: Trek Route

Nepali art is best understood through Thangka paintings. The beauty of Thangka paintings is in its meticulous work and details. Experienced artists take about six to eighteen months to complete one painting by hand.  Artists use cotton or silk canvas and can even use fine detailing of gold and silver. For dedicated artists, Thangka painting is sacred art that relates to Buddhism and is transmitted through the generation. Buying a Thangka painting might be a huge investment, but it’s like buying gold. And like gold, it’s also important to ask for a certification number while purchasing your Thangka Painting.

Singing Bowls

Credit: Simon Pearce

Singing Bowls were originally ancient Tibetan method of therapy and wellness, that found its way to Nepal ages ago. These bowls are found in varied sizes and are made from a combination of seven metals. You can find, machine or handmade ones in the market. However, it’s a good idea to splurge on handmade ones. These are better in quality and produce sweeter sounds.

Gurkha Blade

Credit: Cold Steel

Gurkha Blade is a symbol of the brave soldiers of Nepal as well as the exquisite craftsmanship of Nepali artists. It’s the most common piece of article you’ll find in Nepali households. The ones found in Thamel are exclusively made to be given as gifts or a keepsake. While they are also available in varied sizes and designs, it’s always a good idea to know your luggage size and weight before purchasing one to take back home.

Nepali Jewelry

Credit: Instagram

Traditional Nepali jewelry is something the Newar artisans (native people to Kathmandu) have spent years perfecting. These were meticulously made by hand and also combined traditional Nepali elements. Therefore, jewelry can be a good buy if you’re in Kathmandu or Patan. In recent years, many young and talented jewelry designers have come up with their designs to revive and protect this timeless art. Some of which are Aamo, Meraki to name a few. Many of their designs and jewelry can be viewed and purchased online.

Nepali Paper products (Lokta Paper)

Credit: Nepal Traveller

Buying a souvenir does not always mean burning a hole in your pocket. Lokta products are conveniently affordable as souvenirs. Traditional Nepali paper is made from the shrubs of Daphne which is only native to the Himalayan forests of Nepal. These papers are highly durable and can withstand centuries if stored in perfect condition. Moreover, you can drop by Thamel to buy diaries, wrapping papers and calendars made from Lokta papers. You’ll have a wide variety of choices there.

Nepali Handicrafts

Credit: Hotel Shanker

Nepali handicrafts range from tiny felt products, detailed wood carvings to terracotta puppets. You don’t run out of choices to fit your requirements.

The creative hands of many working-class women make these handicrafts. Also, handicraft making is the major earning point for them.

Nepalese trade fair organizations like Sana Hastakala and Sabah Nepal have a maximum employment of women and produce the widest collection of handicrafts. You can visit their stores in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. Besides that, areas near Durbar Sqaure also sell a good collection of handicrafts.

Nepali Tea

Credit: National Tea and Coffee Development Board

There’s nothing like the taste of traditional Nepali tea. It’s aromatic, thick and warm while sitting under the winter sun. Tea is grown and processed in the eastern part of Nepal and is available in a wide range of flavor and prices. Hence, if you have developed a taste for Nepali Chiya, consider taking a lot of it back home.

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