10 Best Places To Visit In Nepal

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Nepal? Nepal is a relatively small country but has a lot of tourist destinations. Start with mountains, that’s what Nepal is known for! But make sure to include lakes, adventurous hiking and trekking trails, diverse culture and brilliant architectural structures on your list too.

You’ll be missing out a lot on your trip to Nepal if you only stop at popular tourist destinations. We suggest you challenge yourself and visit other under-rated places too.

The best time to explore Nepal is Autumn, during the month of September through November. Here’s a list of places in Nepal, that might have you booking your next trip to Nepal.

The Durbar Squares – Best Nepal tourist attraction

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Once you land in Kathmandu, you might be in a daze amidst the traffic and busy marketplaces. The best way to experience Kathmandu valley is to admire the three Durbar Squares- Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. Originally home to ancestral Newar Kings, the Durbar Squares blend rich history, diverse culture with a stunning architecture. They are all listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites where much of centuries-old festivals are still carried out. In Patan Durbar Square don’t miss out the iconic stone sculpted Krishna Temple and Patan Museum. While at Bhaktapur Durbar Square, take a long time to admire the beautiful wood carvings. At Kathmandu Durbar Square be a free soul and roam the busy marketplaces. Buy a souvenir to keep the memories of your travel alive!

Patan – A Beautiful city of Nepal

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The charm of Patan is in its buzz, bustling marketplaces and centuries-old temples dotted across the area. Patan, is a different experience, one that is soul searching as well as intriguing. The clanging of bells in the Golden Temple, the chanting of devotees’ early morning in the Krishna Mandir or the thousand faces of Buddha seeking enlightenment in the Mahaboudha Temple- these experiences define Patan as ‘Yala’ the Newari name meaning ‘Beautiful City’. The tiny alleys of Patan are also like wrapped presents. You’ll find local eateries serving authentic Newari food, art galleries selling traditional art, and tiny coffee shops serving fresh croissants. You name it.

Nagarkot – Best place to view mountains in Nepal

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If you’re looking for a short getaway from the city, then Nagarkot provides just this with a breathtaking view of the rising and setting Sun to enthrall you. There are numerous luxurious resorts perched on top of hills in Nagarkot. These come with private balconies to admire the view with a loved one. We suggest Hotel Mystic Mountain and Club Himalaya for the ultimate luxurious experience. If you’re feeling a bit outdoorsy, hike up to the View Tower and enjoy looking at Kathmandu in its miniature form.

Pokhara – Best Place To Visit In Nepal

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A trip to Nepal is incomplete without a visit to Pokhara. A gateway to the pristine mountains of Nepal, Pokhara along with being a window to the Himalayas, is also a city boasting of numerous tranquil lakes. If you’re not much a fan of crowded places, Begnas Lake would be an ideal destination for you. Perhaps, it wouldn’t also be wrong to say that Pokhara is for the thrill seeker, wanting to experience life to the fullest. Some of the most endearing sports like Paragliding, Zip Lining or taking a flight in a Hot Air balloon are just a few. Pokhara is also a foodie’s paradise. You get almost everything here- from chic British breakfast to the best pizza in the city. We suggest Godfather’s Pizzeria, while you visit Lakeside. For a good time with friends, Busy Bee is your ultimate stop.

Annapurna Region – A Beautiful destination of Nepal

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The Annapurna Region is the most popular trekking route in Nepal, owing perhaps to the fact that trekkers can customize their treks in this region according to their comfort. Visitors can opt for a three-day village trek in the Annapurna foothills or month-long combinations of the high-altitude Annapurna Circuit for some challenge. Either way, the view of the Himalayas, or the cultural experience of eating Dhal Bhat cross-legged in a native village is always there. Trekking in the Annapurna Region guarantees an experience of a lifetime.

Chitwan National Park – Experience natural Nepal

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Chitwan National Park is an animal lover’s paradise. You can do so many activities here to get close with wildlife at their natural habitat. These include sight-seeing, bird-watching, elephant rides, animal feeding and so much more. The park is considered to be one of the best national parks for viewing wildlife in South Asia by Lonely Planet. A rare sight of endangered species of animals like the One-Horned Rhinoceros, Deer, Monkeys, more than 500 species of birds and even rare perhaps that of the Royal Bengal Tiger, awaits visitors between the lush grasslands of the Park. The park is surrounded by many luxurious Resorts, like Kasara Resort, Meghauli Sarai, Temple Tiger to name a few. These provide a luxurious as well as a rustic experience.

Langtang Region – Travel hidden Nepal

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Langtang is one of the most under-rated trekking routes but unparallel in its beauty. It’s an awesome area for hiking and consists high passes, breathtaking views, mystical monasteries with Rhododendron forests in full bloom during the spring season. Although less developed than other trekking routes in Nepal, this very trait also contributes to its peculiarity- meaningless crowd and more untouched beauty.

Rara Lake – Most beautiful lake in Nepal

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A trip to Rara Lake is for the adventurous, one who’d like to witness a view they can treasure for a lifetime. Hidden away in the Mugu and Jumla districts, some of the most undeveloped regions of Nepal, Rara Lake nestled in Rara National Park is untouched by noisy crowds or the sprawling urbanization. The park itself is home to numerous endangered species of animals, including the Red Panda. The best time to visit Rara is autumn, spring, and summer. It’s also advised for solo travelers to be self-sufficient, as facilities around this area are very sparse.

Gosainkunda Lake – Religious destination of Nepal

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Gosainkunda Lake is the center of myth surrounding Lord Shiva and is inadvertently, one of the most popular pilgrimage sites. But there’s more to this lake than the religious myths surrounding it. Carefully tucked between the Himalayas and considered to be the assemblage of nine other lakes, these traits add more to its allure. Trek to Gosainkunda begins from Shivapuri National Park and is rewarding with views of the Himalayas as well as subtropical forests. However, we suggest travelers to acclimatize themselves before going to higher altitudes. This might include spending a few hours, walking or hiking as acclimatization is a slow process. Spend a few hours acclimatizing before going up to Suryakunda, which is a few hours walk from Gosainkunda.

Everest Base Camp – Must visit destination of Nepal

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What does it feel like to stand in front of the highest point in Earth? For some, it is a spiritual journey while for others it’s the biggest challenge they undertake in their life. Either way, a trip to Everest Base Camp should be on every traveler’s list. Some of the most stunning locations fall en route Everest Base Camp, making the journey as worthwhile as the destination itself. Lovely Sherpa villages, monasteries and huge stretches of prayer flags throughout the region- are a common sight. It’s a good idea to spend a few days acclimatizing in Namche Bazar if you’re not used to higher altitudes. The best time to visit the Everest Region, is during the late Spring and Autumn.


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