Signs That Confirm You Are Head-Over-Heels In Love

Love strikes you when you least expect it. You might be leaning down to lie your shoelaces or giving a boring job interview, and before you know it, the Cupid’s arrow is right across your heart, and you’re flung in mid-air. The only rope that can save you is their outstretched arms. Suddenly, with them, the world has transformed into a beautiful place, and with them, every day is a good day. Sound familiar?

Research suggests that a person’s brain who is in love looks the same as the one on cocaine. As scary as being addicted to cocaine sounds, the same parallels have been drawn to the release of Dopamine, a feel-good chemical in your brain whenever you’re around this person. Now the phrase, “your love is my drug” doesn’t sound so absurd, does it?

Nevertheless, neither science nor philosophy has an exact definition of love. But somehow, when we feel it, we know it.

Here are ten signs that suggest that perhaps…you might be in love.

  1. 1 You smile ALL. THE. TIME.

    Love is an awesome chemistry of chemicals, quickly surging through your body and making you smile more often than you normally do. 

    This explains why you start to view the world through rose-coloured glasses. You feel as if no amount of unpleasantness in your life,  that otherwise used to bother you, will affect your good mood. People in love have a pleasant charm in their face as if they’ve discovered the most beautiful thing in their life. 

  2. 2 You try to look your very best.


    Is there anything more thrilling than the feeling you get when you’re about to see them? You spend hours getting ready while obsessing about the tiniest things. 

    This is even true for girls. Chances are, right after she hangs up the phone, she already starts thinking about what to wear, and which shoes would go with it. Even so, if you find yourself stressing a little about your appearance before you meet them, it means you’re concerned about what they think of you. 

    To make matters more upfront, you seriously want them to like you.  

  3. 3 You casually slip their names in every conversation.

    People -in love are crazy conspiracy theorists who will find a way of connecting their person even with the most mundane conversation and situations. 

    Have you ever found yourself causally slipping in their names in conversations? Talking about the weather somehow reminds you of how your significant other turns into a human cocoon on cold days and how they prefer only a spoonful of sugar in their coffee. 

    Before you know it, their name is out from your mouth. You’d be amazed if you counted the exact number of times you take their name in a day!

  4. 4 Your face lights up when talking about them.


    You’ve already heard the statement that “people become more admirable when they talk about the things they love”. The same principle applies to in-love people. 

    There’s no simpler form of expression than this- the way your eyes sparkles, and your lips tugs in the corner to form a brilliant smile.  Your face takes matters into its own hands, to say things sometimes even words aren’t capable of. There’s no faking here. If it’s true, it shows! 

  5. 5 You start listening to romantic songs.


    Your playlist gets a sudden makeover! Your mood demands swoon-worthy tunes, that relates to your feelings all too well.

  6. 6 You continuously check your phones.


    When you’ve started to fall in love, you always feel like maintaining constant communication. It may be simple text, a short phone call or a series of relatable memes. You want them to be a part of your day, regardless of how busy or occupied you are. 

    So there you are, gitterning on your phone, either sending texts or eagerly waiting for one!

  7. 7 You try out new things.

    Whoever said that love is an art of compromising within your comfort zones, must have known what it means to love someone deeply. 

    When you truly want to be with someone, you always meet them halfway. That’s because two people have starkly different personalities and enjoy different things. You make it a point of doing things out of your comfort zone so that they will have a good time. 

    That means going to a particularly boring movie with them, just because you know they’ve been waiting for it since forever. Sometimes, love is finding happiness in theirs. 

  8. 8 You feel like time spent with them goes too fast.

    It’s amusing how the malleability of time depends on our emotions. Love is by far the best factor that seems to bend time to incomprehensible proportions. 

    When you’re with them, time seems to pass in a blur. In fact, you’d rather be doing the most boring thing with them like running errands or curling in front of a TV than out partying with your friends. Even that does not seem to limit time's pace a little bit.

  9. 9 You feel proud of their achievements.

    It takes a lot of heart to be truly happy in someone else’s achievements. But when you’re in love this comes very naturally. 

    You’re their biggest supporter, and you’re always there to cheer them on no matter what the race is. This also means that you’re there to point out their flaws and imperfections without any bitterness. That’s love, isn’t it? Wanting them to do well in life, even if sometimes it’s not in your favor. 

  10. 10 You grow as a person.


    A healthy relationship is one of the most rewarding things in life, and with the person who brings out the best in you- it determines the life you will have. 

    A person who is in love is receptive to the advices of their significant other. That’s because their words to their presence hold immense meaning in their lives. Consciously and unconsciously, people who love each other interchange positive traits.

    Have you ever fallen head-over-heels in love with someone? Did you feel the world shift a little bit on the brighter side? Tell us your love story in the comments!

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