Nepali Girl Dances For 126 Hours Straight To Set Guinness World Record


Bandana Nepal is a 16-year-old girl recently set a Guinness World Record for “Longest Dancing Marathon by an Individual” by dancing for 126 hours straight. Family, supporters, and media witnessed the entire event with a lot of enthusiasm.

Credit: Youtube

She started her solo dance on November 23rd Friday and ended it on 28th November Wednesday. Even with only 5 minutes of break every hour for water, food, and bathroom, Bandana manages to be strong and refuses to give up.

She lip syncs and smiles amidst the chatter and surprised glances. It’s evident her face is tired and sleep deprived. Was that even human? It’s not for us to answer, but the ambition to shine Nepal’s name internationally certainly is.

Through the fifth day, her feet were evidently swollen, and her face had lost a lot of life. We’d say the continuous support from family and well-wishers provided her the extra boost to keep on dancing.

Credit: Youtube

In between breaks only, we can see her restraints breaking. Likewise, sometimes her tiredness overpowers her senses and her human instincts kick in through obvious grimaces.

Moreover, many well-known figures of Nepal stepped in to support and motivate young Bandana. Minister of Forest and Environment, Shakti Bahadur Basnet walks in on the fifth day. We’re having a hard time reading his expression though. It’s stuck between pity and encouragement. However, I bet we would too feel the same if we were there to witness the girl’s plight!

Minister of Forest and Environment, Shakti Basnet is confused about how to react. So are we!
Credit: YouTube

Besides that, dancers of popular dance show Boogie Woogie also came and broke out a few moves to encourage the young girl. We see, Bandana smiling and breaking out into a few new moves herself. Seeing such high spirits, the audience breaks out into a bigger cheer.

Sometimes, Bandana smiles and lip syncs with the traditional Nepali song playing in the speakers, while other times she simply gives in to her tiredness. However, her dainty feet and hands refuse to stop moving.

Former Prime Minister congratulates Bandana on setting the record.
Credit: YouTube

At the end of the 126th hour, former Prime Minister even paid a visit to the girl. We can see the jubilant Minister congratulating Bandana amidst the throng of people flocking to support her.

Consequently, Bandana’s smiles a 1000 watt smile although she is too weak to speak to the media by then.

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