If the Avengers Were Played By Nepali Actors

Let’s admit it, shall we? 

There’s never been a movie quite like Avengers. Together, they’re an epitome of friendship, teamwork and love itself. Whether they are fighting for each other or against, the whole lot of characters, individually and as a family, have a presence that is nothing short of astonishing. 

So we wondered–and it may be a distant dream of wonder–but, what would the Avengers look like if they were played by Nepali actors?

  1. 1 Thanos: Sunil Thapa

    Look at him; even his frown is on point.

  2. 2 Nick Fury: Rajesh Hamal

    Who else can play Nick Furythe brain that runs the super hero armythan Rajesh Hamal, our very own Mahnayak? Take that Rajnikant! 

  3. 3 Iron Man: Saugat Malla

    There are only two people who look great with that 'beardo', one is the Tony Stark, the other is our very own Saugat Malla. 

  4. 4 Thor: Aashirman Joshi

    Joshi’s got the Viking god’s thick locks, mesmerizing eyes and bearded look right down to the last detail.  

  5. 5 Scarlet Witch: Swastima Khadka

    Under that baby-cute charming face lies the strength that could turn buildings to rubble. #CuteGirlsRuleTheWorld

  6. 6 Loki: Pradeep Khadka

    Doesn't he look more and more like the 'long lost twin while in government line' of the 'Hollywood-walla-Loki' in every passing glance? Anyone? ANYONE?

  7. 7 Black Widow: Samragyee RL Shah

    Regal and majestic—is there a better actress than Samragyee to play our favourite Russian spy?

  8. 8 Hulk: Dayahang Rai

    Powerhouses just look like typical houses until they light up. Dayahang Rai is just a typical guy until you see him on camera.  

  9. 9 Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier): Anmol KC

    Kri depicted KC as an unstoppable man on a road to revenge. As an anti-hero looking for justice; KC was quite a lot like our Bucky.

  10. 10 Captain America: Anup Bikram Shahi

    Who else can charm and awe you with intensity in one go everytime he appeared in front of camera? 

    Do you agree with our list? Who do you think would make a great Avenger from the Nepali movie industry? Let us know in the comments! SHARE if you really want to see them as some of the iconic superheroes!

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  1. Dhusum Dhusum sound mattra Halera hudaina Animation Graphics Story chiyo Nepali le Avengers Jasto flim ta 1000 Yr jati lagxa ….

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