10 Annoying Ways Siblings Make Your Life A Hell

Are you one of those few people who grew up fighting over the remote, or you ever wish you were a single child, having not to share your room, your closets or your parents!

But no matter what, our lives would not have been as fun as it has been without our siblings. Having said that, they have many times made sure our loves was a living hell. 

Here are a few ways they do so.

  1. 1 The "You’re adopted" comeback

    Talk about anything at all and you will definitely hear the classic, “Talai ta container bata uthayera lyayeko.”

  2. 2 Stealing our clothes


    With some mysterious sorcery, your sibling will always look better than you, making sure they rock your favourite shirt just the day you had planned to adorn them.

  3. 3 The remote war


    The remote belongs to the one who first grabs it! We all had set the rules to decide who would have the remote, and even at times got our parents involved in the process much to their dismay.

  4. 4 Eating your reserved food


    You have saved your favourite cookie safely under your pillow. But poor you! Nothing is safe when you have an annoying sibling with you.

  5. 5 Being critical about the people you are surrounded by


    Our siblings are always critical about your friend circle. Every people we meet is just a no-no for them. And, this is when your life really turns into a hell.

  6. 6 Snitching on you


    Classic “Mummyyy” and blackmail that follows afterwards. They say snitches get stitches, but trust us your sibling will rather be awarded by your parents for it!

  7. 7 You never get your things back


    When it comes to borrowing clothes, (or anything else) siblings have got to be the best. They have a unique talent for borrowing things without taking permission, don’t they?

  8. 8 Privacy? What Privacy?


    It seems like the word “privacy” is Greek to them. They know where you’ve hidden your secret diary (they’ve even tried to read it a million times). They don’t hesitate to do it at all and before you know it, the world would be talking about it. No wonder it’s very hard to trust them even if they will say, “Trust me, I won’t tell anyone.”

  9. 9 We share everything! Even punishments…


    We all have been punished because of our siblings at some point in our lives. 

    Funny how our mobiles were seized just because our siblings used it too much, or our WIFI got disconnected when any of our siblings got terrible grades on exams. 

  10. 10 The unwitnessed wrestling matches


    “Please, for god’s sake, lower your voice…. Mom is going to hear you.”

    Growing up with siblings, we have been to this unwanted situation when our siblings hit us hard. They try to convince us not to reveal this incident to our mom till their last breath. Well, it’s the only time when you get special treatment from your parents so who would like to miss this opportunity?

    Yes, they are annoying, but you know your life would've been incomplete without these irritating beings.

    Do you agree with us? What is the most annoying thing your sibling has done to you? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Juliyana Shah

I am a people person. I believe that sharing ideas with others leads to more creativity and more effective results.

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