Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Anmol K.C.

Anmol K.C sits on the front row of Kollywood race, but how much do we know about the man who we love to swoon over as much as trolling him over the internet? 

With that being said, here are 8 things you probably didn’t know about him. 

  1. 1 He started acting 2 decades ago


    Most of us think that his first movie is Hostel. But that’s not exactly true.

    His very first movie appearance was in the title song of Nepali Babu as a child actor in the year 1999. He also made a cameo in Sathi Ma Timro (2012) as a stage performer, owing to his devotion to music.

    Feel old already, don’t we now?

  2. 2 He is a ‘Hostel Boy’


    Like we regular humans, Anmol lived in a hostel for the longest time because of his father’s busy schedule after his parents’ separation. 

    Due to this, he resonated so much with Aditya Bikram Rana’s character in Hostel that he decided to go for it, and the rest is history!

  3. 3 He is equally successful as a producer


    Bet you didn’t know Anmol K.C. has been in the producing business since he was 14.

    Perhaps this is where his father comes in, but few know that he’s been in the movie business for quite a while. In 2008, he worked in the movie Superstar as a producer. The same year, he was one of the producers in Ma Timi Bina Marihalchu. In 2012, he produced Sathi Ma Timro. Following this, in 2018, he was one of the producers of the movie Ma Ta Timrai Hoon, one that starred his mother, Sushmita K.C.

    “Haters gonna hate.” That’s what he must be thinking!

  4. 4 He already has someone else in his heart


    Okay, sorry to break your hearts, but Anmol K.C. has given his heart to Namrata Shrestha.  

    That’s right. This doe-eyed beauty hasn’t just stolen our hearts, but also the heart of the biggest heartthrob in Kollywood. So, feel free to bat your lashes somewhere else unless you are as talented as our girl Namrata. 

  5. 5 Highest Paid Brand Ambassador


    Let’s admit it; we’re all jealous.

    Alongside being the highest paid actor in Nepal, he’s also the highest paid brand ambassador. It’s no surprise that corporation like Benelli, Pro-Style hair oil, IMRAS Mobile and CAPS clothing have chosen this young actor as the face of their company. With an incredible amount of fans and followers, he was bound to be picked up by brands. 

  6. 6 He is a Biker by Heart


    He owns a Ducati Monster 796 and prefers the two-wheeler over a car any day. However, owing to his popularity, Anmol has been very secretive about his license number; in fact, there is not a single picture of his bike anywhere!

  7. 7 So, How Popular Is He?

    So, all your hates and your loves for Anmol K.C. has been making him quite popular online. 

    According to Famous Birthdays, he is 12th in the list of renowned people born in Nepal and he lands second--right after our King, Rajesh Hamal on their Actors-From-Nepal list. Without debate, Anmol K.C. is the definition of young success.

    Now, isn’t that impressive?

    Hate him or love him, you just can't ignore him. 

    Which one of these facts about Anmol K.C did you already know? Tell us in the comments! 

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