7 Things That Only Happen In An All-Girls School

If you’ve ever sung “I’ve kissed a girl” by Katy Perry at the top of your lungs with an inward evil smile, chances are you have probably studied in an all-girls school.

Spending 12 years of my life in a non-co-ed school has given me some of the most memorable moments. To begin with, things happened there that didn’t typically happen in a co-ed school or anywhere else. If you’ve always wondered what made us girls stick together like glue despite all the hair pulling catfights, here are just a few things.

  1. 1 Periods. Period.

    Okay, it may sound like magic and voodoo, but it is true that your periods will automatically sync like a monthly auto update on your phone. This just means that if you are on your periods, chances are at least 5 other girls in your class is too. Giving your classmate a sanitary pad in times of emergency is equivalent to saving her life in war-zone. Now you have bonded for life.

  2. 2 Bra(ve) Stories.

    If you think to talk about periods was cool, imagine adjusting your brassiere in public like its no big deal. Discussing your size and helping your friend get the right one. Oh, they just teach you a thing or two about carrying yourself with sass and handling a strappy situation like it’s no big deal (which it isn’t, take that patriarchy).

  3. 3 Bromances are so overrated

    Oh, get over with bromances, you should see a girl-gang to know what friendship should look like. Btw, being honest, there is so much TLC between ladies that it makes rom-coms and grand gestures look miniscule infront of what ladies do for their friends!

  4. 4 Skirts had mind of their own, promise!

    Dress code is something all convent schools abide by. The size of your ribbons and the length of your skirt mattered more to convent schools than whether you froze to death in winters.

    In summer, your skirts always found a way to shorten itself ‘magically’ just like you said to warden though it might have needed a little extra help of waistbands and belts. 

    In winters, it was a different story. We were forbidden to wear a stocking. Perhaps, this explains the reason why we are so immune to cold in our feet even now. Next time you see a lady having a gala time in skimpy clothes in peak winter, know that she attended an all-girls school!

  5. 5 Romantic getaways buried in books

    Forget about alcohol and drugs, the most wanted things in all-girl schools were romantic novels. The steamy cover of a novel with two people inches apart would send us into a flurry of excitement. The reason— puberty and rebellion since such books were strictly banned in the premises. There are reasons they say girls know it all.

  6. 6 What’s stalking again?

    The most awesome thing about being surrounded by girls all the time was, we knew we were taken care of! And, there was no pressure of impressing the other sex. This made us be comfortable with who we are.

    The school was a safe place, for our bodies and our growing healthy self-esteem, something we don’t give much credit to!

  7. 7 Comfortable in our own skin!

    One given fact is that we were really comfortable with our bodies. Changing clothes was such an effortless and hassle-free job. We used to do it in front of girls in washrooms, classrooms and green rooms as if it’s nothing unusual. Ever wondered the reason why? Because it was hardly sexualized, nobody stared but minded their own business. Perhaps it’s something the world must learn, don’t you think? 

    If you attended an all-girls school, could you relate to this article? Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments!

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Written by Shuvekshya

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