Struggles of Adulting While Living With Your Parents

Oh, let us take you through the ‘relatable lane’ and narrate vividly the adorable, annoying and un-livable perks of life while living with ones’ parents!

Let’s list out all our major struggles and sigh in unison:

  1. 1 You’ll always have a curfew


    What’s common between going out when you are 18 and 30? They both come with your mom’s curfew!

    7 is the standard time for coming home and if you are a minute late, your mom will make sure you get 15 calls, 30 missed calls and 20 texts where she is already mourning for the end of your future evening-outs. 

  2. 2 Dieting is a myth


    If you’ve ever dreamt of having a Gigi Hadid body while living with your parents, be confident those dreams will disappear into the wind along with all the new year resolutions you made. 

    Eating Dal-Bhat regularly with fervour is how you ensure your parents that everything is fine and well with you. 

  3. 3 Dating is still forbidden


    It doesn’t matter if you’re 26 or 30, you can’t date. Despite their constant ‘afai khoja’, if you ever gather the guts to talk about dating life, they will be aghast as if you said you want to live on your own! Also, if they get a whiff of your dating life, they would want you to get married right away!

    You can’t always win, and in this case, you will never win.

  4. 4 Your very own Tinder with a twist


    Being 20 or 30 is not a question; they will not want you to find someone your own. However, they will try and play cupid with every eligible bachelor/bachelorette they know of, so much so that you will have more option shown to you than Tinder ever will.

  5. 5 Drinking will always be illegal


    Only bigreko bachhas, with no prospect of future, touch alcohols. And there is no concept of social drinking either. But little do they know, that we literally have alcohol in our veins (somedays, at least).

  6. 6 Your life choices feed their gossip table


    What’s more horrifying than the Zombie apocalypse, you ask? It’s your mom along with your relatives/neighborhood aunties coming together to ravenously rip out every inch of your life choices from your latest achievements to new hobbies. Best of luck.

  7. 7 You have a robust social life but not the kind you want


    With relatives who will never see you again and family friends you will never talk to again, you will have your social calendars filled up to rims. Not attending them is not an option, btw! Oh, aren’t you excited now?

  8. 8 Your mom still knows the whereabouts of your socks


    You secretly believe that your mom knows magic because your mom knows the whereabouts of all your knick-knacks and lone socks. Sometimes, when you’re super late and looking for that one sock, ask in a super nice way. You don’t want it to be sarcastically rubbed on your face.  

  9. 9 Having friends over is traumatic


    Trust me, the moments your friends enter the house, your parents will take out the evaluation sheets and start asking awfully long series of personal questions to your friends. If possible, they’d happily even attach a lie-detector equipment. All the best, always!

  10. 10 Travelling is a far-fetched dream


    If you have travel goals in your life, be ready to hear,  "Awara, dulante, is ghar a guest house?"

    It’s especially difficult for girls because we’re always told, “You can travel as much as you want, but with your buda hai.” So much for getting inspired from movies like 'Into the Wild.'

  11. 11 There is always that ‘because I said so…’


    They will ask a question, demand an answer then patronize you for answering. “Don’t answer back!” is the username and “Because I said so!” is the password that your parents use to log-in into your life and make sure you are adulting right Nepali way.

    Btw, happy adulting!

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