School Ko Rules That Make No Sense

Uniforms, strict voices and inked hands– these are the first three things that pop into your head when someone says ‘school life’. And even though it was a huge part of your life, you can’t lie that it was quite restrictive when it came to fun. 

Here are few school rules that made your life a nonsensical living hell!

  1. 1 Pigtails and Ribbons


    Even when you had short crew-cuts, you had to tie them up and have ribbons, if you were a girl.

  2. 2 Home-Works and Class-Works Had Different Notebooks


    With 10 subjects and 20 notebooks in total to be carried every day, no wonder we forgot to carry the one that had an assignment on it.

  3. 3 Banning Nepali Language Inside School Premises


    There were times even our Nepali teachers instructed few things in English, like “Take your notebooks out,” “Stand up,” “You’re hopeless” and “Call your parents tomorrow.”

  4. 4 Leisure Classes Meant


    “Put your head down and sleep.”

  5. 5 Blue Inks and Fountain Pens


    Everything had to be blue – from inks to your moods. And no ballpoint pens.

  6. 6 No-No to Tuitions


    Yes, you can’t have extra help to improve your studies and get better at it.

  7. 7 Tight Socks and Uptight Manners


    You had to wear socks that dug into your skin even if you had to wear rubbers to hold them up. And, your manners had to be that of Army Cadets. *Sigh!*

  8. 8 No ‘Chau-Chau’ for Lunch


     If you ever savoured yummy masalas of instant noodles, and feeling of crunching them in your lunch took you to your happy place, forget it. ‘Chau-Chaus’ were banned ‘just because’!

  9. 9 Guys and Girls Should Be In Different Desks


    Even in grade one or two, they tell you how not to ‘ghul-mil’ with one another, and they call themselves ‘co-ed’.

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