8 Reasons Why You Should Donate Blood Now

Donating blood saves other’s life. But its has pros for the donor too!! Have a look at this.

Donating blood is a mutual benefit where the blood recipient gets the necessary blood and the blood donor as donating blood helps you to prevent and reduce heart attacks and liver ailment by maintaining the iron level in the body.

Here are some other reasons why you should donate blood now:

  1. 1 You Save Lives!!

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    First and foremost, you are helping people without them even knowing about it. That's the most beautiful feeling where you are helping them and expect nothing in return. Also, one pint of blood can save up to 3 lives!

    We do not have to be a superhero or a doctor in order to save someone's life, a simple act of donating your blood can also save many lives.

  2. 2 Too Many People Who Want To Can't!

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    Not everyone is eligible to donate blood, there are various things that one must pass in order to donate. You're the eligibale one!! 

  3. 3 There Is No Substitution For Human Blood

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    Blood has no substitute or an alternative. Also, blood cannot be manufactured. Its something that we humans have naturally and can provide to those who need it. So, donate this life-saving fluid and put good karma out into the world!!

  4. 4 You Get A Free Mini-Check Up

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    With each donation, you get to find your temperature, blood pressure, cholesterol, iron, pulse and hemoglobin and weight.Also, Blood is tested for 13 infectious diseases such as HIV, West Nile Virus, hepatitis B and C and Syphilis. And only if everything meets the criteria, you'd get to donate. So why not?

  5. 5 Someday, You Might Need It Too

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    Would you hesitate to take someone's blood when you really need it? No, right? 

    So why hesistate to donate it for someone?

  6. 6 You Live A Longer Life

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    Individuals who do altruistic or unselfish work have proven to live a longer and a healthier life. Also, donating blood is one of the altruistic works!! So, you would live a happier and a healthier life with the feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

  7. 7 You Could Maintain Your Weight

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    Studies show that it is also recommended to danate blood if you are overweight as donating blood regularly would help you lose weight and burn 650 calories of fat too!!

    Isn't it a win-win situation? You're saving lives and helping yourself too!

  8. 8 If You’ve Never Donated Blood, There’s Always A First Time.

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    Doing anything for the first time is a little timorous and fearful. But, be brave!!  

    Blood donation is safe and takes just an hour of your time. This one hour that you have invested could save 3 lives!! You are helping people by just sitting, lying down and relaxing! So, start donating blood.

    Do you agree with us? Tell us in the omments below if we've missed out on anything.

    Also, please SHARE this post with your friends, family and relatives and make them aware that by donating a pint blood, one can save up to 3 lives! 


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