7 Super Crazy And Cringy Ways Nepali Guys Hit On Girls

Admit it. We like it when someone makes it blatantly clear that they are interested in us. For one reason, it’s good for our egos and second, we like the attention. The truth is whoever says they don’t like attention from the opposite sex is simply a giant fat liar. 

That being said, it must be a difficult thing for guys to SUCCESSFULLY hit on girls, make it look cool, pursue her tirelessly while still not looking like a creep. 

Let’s say, for the sake of kindness, guys do manage to woo a girl sometimes, while many other times…not so much. 

Some methods work with some people, while others don’t. It’s trial and error until you finally manage to meet the love of your life.  

Nevertheless, here are some of the common ways guys hit on girls:

  1. 1 Sing a really cheesy song as you pass by .


    This one is the most common way guys hit on girls, especially if you’re casually doing your own thing and they are literally thirsting for your attention. 

    Mind you, these songs are not even good ones- in fact, cheesy ones that make you go ‘ekkkkkkk’ with an evident cringe. 

    Needless to say, it’s a huge turn-off. First, this failed tactic really goes on to show the guy’s poor taste in music.  Second, he certainly lacks originality while trying to pursue you. 

  2. 2 Send your social media feed into a frenzy


    In today’s age of social media and our recent OCD to check our phones for updates every minute, flirting has taken a new face. If you ask any adolescent how a guy makes it obvious they like you, they’ll answer with one holy word-stalking. 

    Us girls have had one of the days where our phones take a mind of its own and continue buzzing away with notifications. It's like they are possessed with a spirit with a sole aim to vanquish your single status.

    First, they’ll go through your picture. It doesn't matter it the post is 2 or 3 years old, they’ll still like it if it’s on Instagram, or better yet if they are daring they’ll react with a ‘wow’ or a ‘heart’ on Facebook. 

    That’s how you know a guy is really into you and is making it shamelessly obvious that they are cyber stalking you. 

  3. 3 Let’s hire a Wingman...if it wasn’t awkward enough already


    Guys who hire a wingman to convey their interests are usually quiet and shy ones who blush when they check you out from the corner of their eyes. 

    You have definitely come across one of those moments in a club when a guy comes up to you and says his ‘mate’ thinks you’re cute. And when we look across, we see a shy guy trying very hard to look macho with a glass of whiskey in this hand, giving us a ‘how you doin?’ look. 

    They are brooding and bashful, which kind of reminds me of Batman when he’s into his alter ego. Or better yet, Jon Snow who literally knows nothing about hitting on a girl and thus needs a Ser Davos to know when he’s totally crushing on one. 

  4. 4 I’ve got some great and not...so great pickup lines


    Being a single girl in her 20’s, I’ve heard many pick up lines in my tiny years of experience. And I am not a huge fan. Pick up lines are disgustingly cheesy, and are usually copied from varied sources. 

    It’s true some pickup lines are nice, for instance, “Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.” You’re basically complimenting a girl and making her feel nice about herself. 

    From one girl, I can give an unbiased advice-you can never go wrong with genuine compliments.  But there’s only so much of cheesiness us girls can handle. 

    Other pickup lines that made me take 10 steps away from the guy was, ‘Did you just fart, cuz you blew me away!”. Fine, I get the pun in it. But talking about disgusting stuff at the first conversation is a big NO NO. 

    Be smooth and know when to stop from things getting too awkward.  

  5. 5 All me of looks at all of you


    Eyes speak a hundred words, and they also travel a thousand miles— if you know what I mean. There are certain looks that simply ooze creepiness while some looks can be flattering too. 

    In this case, it’s simply up to the eyes and intention of the beholder. Being looked at in a desirable way is flattering, but girls also don’t want to be treated like a slice of pizza. 

    Looking is nice, but staring is simply creepy. Know the difference and be a gentleman. 

  6. 6 Rain on me...with compliments


    There’s always that guy who will always compliment you. It doesn't matter even if you are in your sweats, and your hair is in a mess, you’ll always be pretty for them. 

    One day, he’ll describe the way the colour of your hair looks in the sun while other days he’ll compliment you on the sound of your voice when you have a blocked nose. This is the guy, who is really and truly into you. 

  7. 7 And now suddenly you’re a jokester?


    One golden way to hit on someone is to just make them laugh! This is a method followed by many guys. They relentlessly try to make you laugh. They crack jokes at every conversation, make Mr Bean faces and send you random memes. 

    When a guy does this almost every day, then it’s pretty obvious they are truly into you. A guy who likes you would always want to see you happy. Now, isn’t that cute?

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Written by Shuvekshya

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  1. Pick up line ? Those pick up line ? Seriously ? If anybody uses pick up line to impress girl, he should be the most pathetic ugly dumb geeky sick dick of the world. seriously though, i have few friend,girl, and nones of them like pick up line . It just makes them to do vomit very instant ????

  2. Wow, I totally felt like reading some post on buzzfeed. I mean the pictures used and short descriptions of highlighted points. Good. Will love to read more articles like this. Happy new year.

  3. Very nice!! Your writings are tooo good… my way to hit on a girl is tell her a tale.. i am a story writer sometime i send her a story with a character with her name… some time i just makeup a story acc to situation just to make her feel good.. i dont know it works on other girls or noy but it works on her

  4. Shuvekshya Di, it’s so damn relatable. Especially the cheesy lines and the rain of compliments, however, I used to use the cheesy lines much less often ’cause they’re extremely delicate weapons but nevertheless, very effective ones. ???? I enjoyed the read, it made me so damn nostalgic.????

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