7 Naak-Katine Crimes According to Nepali Parents


Things are always a bit twisted when it comes to dealing with Nepali parents. Even after decades of trying to figure out the right thing to do, somehow we end up committing a naakkatine crime. They have these weird beliefs and quite an absurd way of doing things that keep us wondering how it all even started in the first place. 

Well, here are 10 naakkatine crimes we commit that lead our Nepali parents to hide their faces from people. 

  1. 1 Forgetting to greet Namaste to relatives


    The act of joining hands together and saying Namaste is the ideal way to greet an older person. It has been implanted in our system at an early age. Our hands join by default and the word flows out naturally when we see a relative.

    However, there are times when we don’t know who the person is, especially at weddings and parties. And not doing Namaste to them is suddenly the crime of the century. Come on mom, how am I supposed to know that man is your aama ko thulo didi ko buda ko bhai ko chhora?

  2. 2 Spending too much time on the phone


    Any problem, big or small, is the outcome of us spending or rather ‘wasting’ time on our phones. Do you have period cramps? It’s because you use your phone too much. The temperature dropping below 2 in Kathmandu? Still your fault. The huge earthquake back in 2015? Still. Your. Fault. Because you spend too much time on your phone. 

  3. 3 Coming home at or after 7 pm


    No matter what our age is, we still have curfews at night or rather evening. At 10, it was right after sunset. I remember racing my sister to home as the street lamps lit up. And as a 20-year-old now, I still have to drop everything and run to home as the street lamps light up. Or at least by 7 pm. Aama says it’s very unsanskaari to stay out after 7 pm.

  4. 4 Refusing to sing/dance at family get-togethers


    To be honest, Nepali people have so much free time at their hands. And they need no reason to gather up and chat, eat, drink, and make merry. That’s understandable, to say the very least. People need fun in their lives out of hectic days(of asking maids to do their work).

    But, please auntie, don’t ask me to dance to your crappy choice of song. Refusing to do so somehow makes me arrogant and bhau-khojne, when in reality I can’t even sing or dance. And this leads my parents into shame. For reasons, I can never understand.

  5. 5 Going out all the time. Or, staying in all the time


    “Ghar aaunu pardaina aba dekhi, tero saathi haru le palcha hola ni talai”

    The evergreen dialogue we hear from our parents when we go out too often. They even call us lafanga and are 100% sure that we are into bad doings. However, even if you stay in, there’s no peace. We are still lafanga who simply don’t have anything good to do. 

    We’re damned if we do, we’re damned if we don’t. 

  6. 6 Saying no to marriage


    You should always expect the ‘get married’ talk after you are 18, or 25. Not because you have now leveled up from Kid 1.0 to Adult 1.0 with the features of Marriage and Kids. It’s because, Nepali parents! This pressure is especially on girls. 

    They want to make sure that no potential good guys are missed in terms of getting that ‘happy’ life. We get it, they want us to be settled and have a budeskaal ko sahara to lean on. But the moment we refuse at the idea of marriage, we have committed a crime. We are bringing naak-katine shame because “falaano le ke bhanla”

    Nepali parents sure do come up with excellent reasons applying their faulty logic on why we should get married. It’s like the only purpose of their life is to get us married.

  7. 7 Talking back to them


    They ask us questions in the first place. We don’t answer, we get scolded. We answer we get scolded anyway. Any form of speech that they don’t want to hear is termed as mukh lageko and for Nepali parents, it is probably the highest level of disrespect. It’s even worse when it’s in front of relatives or friends.

    After all, no matter how proud we make them, they will always be more proud of falana ko chhora. But we can’t entirely blame them, can we? As kids, we make life hell for our parents and they still bear with us. That’s why they are the best. 

    Did we forget any naak-katine shame that you accidentally brought to your family? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Dipshikha Giri

Secretly observing the life of Nepali hoomans. Serial chips and coke eater. Likes to pet stray dogs and randomly meows at any cat.


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  1. फलानो को छोरा ले तल्लो जात को बिहे गर्यो रे ढिस्कानो को छोरी कामी सङ गयो रे
    गयो त गयो आफ्नो मन मोल्ने सङ गयो आखिर यो दुनियाँ र समाज लाई के को टाउको दुखाई ? यो जातभात को बारेमा बोल्ने हरु को मुख बन्द हुने गरि केही शब्द लेखुम त

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