100 Things You Must Do Before You Die

Life is all about experiences. Happy, sad, wild, regular, anything! Are we making the most out of it, though? Today, most of us feel this need to be “successful” and “famous.” Consequently, we are chasing majestic houses and splendid cars, blinded so badly that we cannot see we have one life to live. We never stop to think about how this energy and time we have right now will never come back. Ultimately, we end up spending it entirely for happiness that is so momentary and hollow, that it won’t last more than a few weeks. We all know this, yet we do nothing to add that extra spark.

But the fact that you are reading this article is already a great step towards actually living. You have clicked the link to options about what you can do throughout your life so you have a lot of interesting stories to tell in your old age. Here are 100 things you must do before you die.

Read on:

Throw Tomatoes at La Tomatina in Spain

You might as well call La Tomatina as one of the world’s largest food fights—you literally throw tomatoes at everyone for an hour! Every year, La Tomatina takes place in Bunol, Valencia, Spain, where 150,000 tomatoes are thrown everywhere at everyone.  The festival begins at 11 am sharp and ends an hour later. It begins with a water cannon and ends the same way usually. How exciting!

Hang From CN Tower in Toronto

The fifth tallest structure in the world, CN Tower is a 1,800 feet tall tower in Toronto, Canada. The tower provides an exceptional service on EdgeWalk, where you can take the walk of death at the extreme edge from 1,168 feet high up the building. This thrilling experience is not something you just let go. Remember, you need to experience all kinds of things to tell stories later.

Eat at One of the World’s Best Restaurants

Of course, these things come with a price. But wouldn’t you want to experience the best-paid hospitality in THE WORLD? I mean, think about it, your children OR your grandchildren might outsmart you on everything else, but would they ever experience eating in one of the best restaurants in the world? You can use Restaurant Magazine’s “World’s 50 Best Restaurants “ list for reference!

Set Foot on 7 Continents

You know you want to do it. Only talking about it gives you all kinds of thrill in your heart. Would you have ever lived on Earth if you didn’t, at least, set foot on every continent? You know every continent has its own identity. You know they are all very intriguing and you would love to experience them. So what’s holding you back? Buckle up and set out, NOW!

Help a Stranger

Going places and doing things make you VERY experienced. But, have you thought about doing something that will make you feel complete bliss without going anywhere? You don’t even have to spare time from your “busy” routine for this! Share your umbrella on a rainy day, or pay for the coffee of the next person in line, help them carry a heavy bag, or just suggest what shoes suit them the most. It could be literally ANYTHING but just do it.

Go White Water Rafting in Tatshenshini River, Alaska

This might be the most unforgettable experience ever. The Tatshenshini River Rafting Expedition

is an 11-day hiking and rafting trip which consists of touring through the 27-million-acre Tatshenshini-Alesk Wilderness Park in Alaska and western Canada, including treks through the St. Elias and Alsek mountain ranges. You also get to experience giant glaciers and frozen waterfalls and do white water rafting through the Tatshenshini Gorge, Walker Glacier, the Alsek and Grand Plateau Glaciers, and witness a wide variety of amazing wildlife which includes bighorn sheep, bald eagles, moose, grizzly bears and many others. Sounds like a complete adventurous vacation package!

Skydive over Mount Everest in Nepal

Admit it; you were expecting skydiving in the list. But have you ever thought about skydiving from over the highest point of the world? Many of us have already dreamed about skydiving at least once in our lives, so why not do it from Mount Everest? The view of the 8,800+ feet mountain and many other mountains in Nepal are definitely an amazing background to your thrilled-scared face in your skydiving video!

Learn a New Vocabulary Everyday

Imagine having to flirt with your spouse when you are 70. Are you still going to use that boring (and rather annoying) “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” punchline? Of course not! You need to push your game forward and make sure your spouse feel the same kind of butterflies! So go ahead learn all those fancy words, and make your love story an example for your grandchildren!

Watch top 100 Best Movies of All Time

Of course, you need to have something to start a conversation with people. What better way to break the ice than movies? Don’t be conservative about movies and watch any genre and type of movie you like. Everyone loves a classics lover. Who wouldn’t want the amazing looks on people’s faces when they talk about something they actually know.

Go Horseback Riding through Swan Valley, Montana

If you are a fan of mountains and greenery, you will definitely love the Swan Valley in Montana. It is a small countryside packed with snow-capped mountains, lovely green grass and beautiful poppies with breathtaking lakes. Only thinking about it refreshes your mind; think how great it would be after a particularly difficult year?

Vacation in Igloo Village, Finland

Sleeping in a house made of ice? All the winter lovers: “Hell, YEAH!” If you are one of them, you should really look up the Igloo Village in Kakslauttanen, Finland. There are rows of heated, glass-dome igloos that have beds, restrooms and even kitchens. In addition, the Village boasts about have authentic igloos that are always under freezing level inside.

Learn to Sail

The ocean is probably the best place to be at. But even the cruise ships cannot give you the extreme experience of the wild ocean. Sailing is one great way to experience the true wildness of the ocean. If you already know how to sail, great! But if you don’t, learn to sail, for God’s sake! All the tricks there are. And when you are ready, set out to experience one of the best things you have ever experienced in you live.

Bungee Jump From the Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado might be the tallest suspension bridges in the world. Hanging over the Arkansas River at the height of 1,053 feet, this is the highest point on Earth you can bungee- jump from after skydiving, bungee jumping has got to be the most breathtaking things we could ever do. So, why not go for it and get rid of all our fears of height?

Become a Lifelong Collector of Something that Fascinates You

Everyone has to collect something because it shows who you are. When you see one’s collection, you understand what they are like. If you have collected something for long enough, you might as well show your own history. For example, if you collect coins, your collection will show how the coins changed over the years. If you like collecting musical albums, it will show the history of music. Fascinating, right?

Cross a Country On Bicycle

Okay, this might sound a little exaggerative, but, if you think of it, a bicycle ride in a small, beautiful country is not that bad. In fact, there are so many such tiny countries across the world. They are beautiful and amazing to bicycle through. Just make sure that their roads are well- constructed!

Learn to Speak A New Language

Let’s be honest here. This one is the most useful thing on this list. Do you realize how much your language skill could work in a foreign country? If you are travelling, or even studying abroad, you are so much more benefit when you know the language of the country you are in! It can even benefit you in work-and travel; if you are into that sort of thing!

Climb One Of the World’s Seven Summits

Seriously? You are going to live for almost or a full century and not going to be on top of ANY of the seven summits? While it may not be possible for you to reach the top of all the 7 highest mountains, you must at least try one. Who knows, maybe you will love it so much that you end up climbing all of them! For now, just choose one from Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mt. Vinson Massif in Antarctica, Mt. Kosciuszko and Carstensz Pyramid in Australia, Mt. Everest in Nepal, Mt. Elbrus in Europe, Mt. McKinley in North America, and Mt. Aconcagua in South America.

Attend the Olympics Games

You should do this, whether or not you are a great fan of the sports, you must experience the grandness of this event. An unimaginable amount of thrill is guaranteed. Just watching this great event will fill you up with so much energy. Just make plans with some of your friends for the next Olympic games.

Visit the Birthplace or the Gravesite of a Cultural Icon

There might be so many icons you admire, living or not. Surely, you want to know more about these icons. You should visit the birthplace or the gravesites of these icons who have inspired you so much and pay your respects. There are numerous websites that lead you to such places. Just Google it. It can be anyone; if they have touched your lives, they deserve it.

Drive Your Dream Car

Everyone has that one car that they always have wanted to drive. Of course, you want to have it for your own, but that might take you a whole life of savings. And, frankly, that wouldn’t be possible because you have so many things to do in your bucket list. *winks* But, but, there is a way you can ride your dream car. There are services that let you rent your dream, luxury car. Once again, Google it. You will surely find a much cheaper way to fulfil your dream of riding your dream car.

Drive the Great Ocean Road in Australia

When we talk about driving, don’t you just love driving with a perfect view, without much traffic and with awesome music? What if this perfect drive- road had amazing historical and cultural value with the view of exotic wildlife? Brilliant, right? This is exactly what the Great Ocean Road in Australia is all about. The road was constructed by soldiers after the World War I as a memorial to the casualties. It has the world-famous Twelve Apostles limestone stack formations, the Great Ocean Walk (a walking trail that consists of a number of historical and cultural importance), amazing wildlife, campgrounds, and other wonders like Blanket Bay, Parks Victoria, The Grotto and countless other natural and human-made attractions that make sure your drive is the most pleasant drive you have ever taken.

Climb Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala

One of the active volcanoes, Pacaya Volcano lies in Guatemala that is 8,373 feet tall. After climbing all the snowy mountains, you might as well try a fire- mountain. However, this mountain’s top has blown up 23 times over the past few centuries. It last blew on May 2010. Therefore, it would be wise to check with a geologist if it is safe to climb. Nevertheless, if you do climb this “hell-on-earth” you will never regret it.

Drink Beer In Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is one of the most exciting events in the world. It is a 16-day festival that consists of drinking beer with polka music that happens every year from late September through October in Munich, Germany. This beer-guzzling fest attracts more than 5 million beer- drinkers from all over the world. Every year, more than 7 million litres of Oktoberfest Beer is consumed in this festival, in the company of hoards of chicken, roast pork, sausage, potato pancakes, sauerkraut, wine, and coffee. Oktoberfest also happens in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Oreland, Vietnam, and many U.S. cities, but they are smaller than the original German one.

Become a fighter pilot for a day

If you are one of the military, war movies fans, then, this one is a MUST in your bucket list. There is even a service for that! Air Combat USA, the first innovator of civilian air combat training still gives its services to the people by giving them the best fighter pilot experiences for civilian recreation. People can actually fly these jets under the directions of the experts, the experienced and licensed pilots. And no, you don’t need a license for this.

Go to Super Bowl

If you can’t go to the Olympics, at least consider this sports event! In addition to being very famous, this game has amazing pre-game events and halftime shows. Because this game is very famous, the tickets are booked almost in the blink of an eye. Therefore, do your research and book yourself one. You may end up loving it as well!

Go one a Toboggan Run in Grindelwald via Bussalp

Sledging down the slope of your town is very, very fun. What would it be like to run the longest toboggan in the world, 5,200 ft, to be exact? Big Pintenfritz toboggan run expands from Faulhorn’s summit via Bussalp, across the Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch mountains to the village of Grindelwald in Switzerland. Now THAT sounds like a real toboggan run!

Learn to make a dish and become known for it

There are, no doubt, many things you can make. But what is your signature? Have none? Practice and make one! This should be that one dish you own and no one, not even your mom, should be able to make it as perfectly as you. Go to the kitchen, put that apron and put in all your cooking skills. If it goes right, invite some friends over to taste. Surely, when your friends come to visit you in the long future, they will come with the memories of your amazing signature food and also of the times you spent together.

Visit Redwood National Park

Divided into Redwood State and National Parks, Redwood National Park possesses of the world-famous Redwood trees that are no less than skyscrapers. The world’s tallest and largest trees cover around 38,000 acres of the park’s total 133,000 acres of lands. The park has enough flora, fauna, lush prairies, wildlife and even a 37-mile long beachfront on the Del Norte Coast! I see no reason why one shouldn’t visit this place at least once in life!

Float around the Dead Sea

Ironically, the Dead Sea is not-so-deadly. The magical lake is a salt lake, a landlocked sea which is excessively concentrated in salt. This means you don’t even have to worry about swimming, you will automatically float in the water! Image doing that without having to stop your breath! If the picture above is not assuring enough, go and try it yourself! The peaceful, floating feeling is something you must experience, and not miss out on.

Hang-glide Over Rio de Janeiro

Not trying to force you to ditch your fear of heights, but, seriously, DITCH your fear of heights because if you don’t hang- glide over the breathtaking Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, your life would be a wasteful one. Seriously, you HAVE to do this because this is the largest bay and of the seven natural wonders of the world. That and, HELLO? You get to fly??

Stargaze at the Atacama Desert, Chile

Ever wondered what it would be like at Mars? Well, go to the Atacama Desert in Chile which is the Earth version of the neighbouring planet. The Atacama desert is the driest place on Earth with less than a millimetre of rain every year.  This is why the skies are almost always clear and watching the stars is a pure bliss here. Because it is a desert, even light pollution is not very high. The desert also has Very Large Telescope at the Paranal Observatory to get a better stargazing experience. If you are one of the lovers of stars, book your next flight to Chile. Who knows, you might as well get a glance of the real Mars?

Get Passionate About a Cause

Sometimes, being happy means making others happy. Donating money for the cure of terminally ill patient, donating blood, raising awareness, volunteering for an animal shelter, there are so many things you can do to help make this world a better and kinder place. Your one act of kindness has the power to make one’s belief in the kind world stronger and may even influence them to be kind. As Ellen DeGeneres always says, “Be kind to one another.” Seriously, the world is in desperate need of it.

Listen to War Stories

Veterans have so many stories to tell, yet, they are always left unheard. They spend so much time at war, risking their lives and saving ours. Fighting at the war must be the purest form of war. However, these veterans don’t have many people to talk to. Therefore, it would be nice to listen to at least one of these great stories. It relieves them and gives you a different kind of motivation. What better thing to have on your bucket list, after all?

Create Your Family Tree

Remember the Black family’s family tree from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix? Quite a thing to have as your wallpaper, eh? That and you also know the real history of your family and get to hear some great stories about your family. Not to mention, you get a place to express all your creativity. So, do that research and let your creative bird fly into the heights of Mount Everest!

Scuba Dive on the SS Yongala, Australia

Deep down the ocean, making your way through the water, exploring the beautiful underwater world must be something everyone wants to do. What if exploring a long-drowned ship was added? Thrilling, right? SS Yongala was actually a ship that crashed and sunk at the south of

Townsville, Queensland along with the 122 passengers she was carrying back in 1911. Now, she is one of the most popular destinations for scuba divers. Since you can’t go and explore the Titanic, maybe just explore SS Yongala? You definitely won’t regret.

Get a Deep-Tissue Massage

You know you have worked very hard. Those uncountable hours sitting on a chair for your work or assignment deserve some recognition; mostly because they have been causing you so much pain in your body. So, go ahead and get yourself one of these deep tissue messages that work with your deep muscles, connective tissue and nerves. You might not find it important now, but once you do it, you will know how much you actually need it. Also, there are so many things to do, you’d better feel loose and relaxed to collect the energy required!

Get Through the Longleat Hedge Maze, England

Okay, I know my Harry Potter obsession is showing, but, remember, in Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter had to go through a maze to win the Triwizard Tournament? That didn’t end well, but, did you not want to go through something similarly exciting? If you did, then here’s something to add to your bucket list. Longleat Hedge Maze in England will provide you just the experience. However, there is no “portkey-cup” in the end that will take you to an evil wizard who is after destroying the world. You have to reach the observation tower as soon as possible. But it’s not very easy to solve this maze with its 2 miles of all 16,000 of English Yew Hedges bound together.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you are going “OMG yasss!” right now.

Ride on the Singapore Flyer

You think you love the Ferris Wheel? Try the tallest Ferris Wheel of the world that reaches a height of a gigantic 165m, which means, 42 stories high! This is not, however, very much like the original Ferris Wheel; because it has the added benefit of an enclosed box-like “capsules” with air conditioning, instead of open seats and a capacity to hold 28 people at once! Just imagine the thrilling chaos!

Take a Week-Long Technology Hiatus

Admit it, you have been promising to do this one, but have never committed to it. But, do it! And do it properly. Without phones, computers, or any other kind of gadgets. Not only will you be amazed by how much spare time you will have to do things you love, but also realize how much of a boon these gadgets are for us. You will appreciate it, but also the beautiful spare time you had doing things you would never do if you had clung to the gadgets. Also, you will get an extra-major throwback to the 20th century!

Write Your Last Will and Testament

Stop frowning, I only mean good. I mean, this won’t only help you send all your belongings and earnings to a safe place after you, it will also leave behind your name and legacy. Your children, grandchildren, spouse, would remember you and what you have done in life. The future generations will also know someone like you existed. They will find a path to follow. And in need, they will even get your help.  So, why not?

Party at Mardi Gras, Louisiana

After experiencing air, water, fire, and ice, get ready to experience the wildest party you will ever go to! This party happens in Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana every January for two whole weeks.  Thousands and thousands of people go to this Mardi Gras festival to celebrate the death of winter in most parts of the US. The party has parade floats, funny masks, and doubloons, king cakes, and beads. Several other cities around the world also celebrate this event. Google it and be prepared for the best party- experience ever!

Ride a Gondola in Venice, Italy

Everything about Venice is romantic, as though the air and water of this beautiful city throw out some kind of love spell on you. With embracing alleys, love-locking bridges and amazing restaurants with tables set outside, this place is truly where one would dream about going with their spouse. However, what one should not miss while in Venice are the Gondola rides. As the gondolier does all the work to move the slim, long boat through the narrow canals, you just sit there, relaxing and enjoying the architectural and cultural view of the city. You have to go here with your spouse, and maybe fall in love all over again!

Attend the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

The annual Festival of San Fermin that happens every 7th to 14th July hosts a very interesting event called “The Running of the Bulls.” The event consists of a few hundred of (extremely daring) people who try to outrun about a dozen furious bulls down a section of Pamplona. Out of those who participate in this particularly risky sport, around 300 people get injured every year. The death count is 16 since 1916. If you think this kind of madness is perfect for you, go ahead and have the time of your life!

See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

The Aurora Borealis must be one of your desperate wishes since seventh grade. Look at you now, all grown up and totally capable of fulfilling your wish! Don’t miss out on this because this is something that will truly bless your eyes. Named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas, these lights can be seen from several places including Fairbanks of Alaska, the Norwegian Sea Islands (especially Faroe Island) of Denmark, and Reykjavik of Iceland. All you have to do is go to a place that is far from the city lights and has a great view of the dark sky!

Ride All of the Roller Coasters at Cedar Point, Ohio

Roller coasters are terrifying, but equally fun as well. You wouldn’t have lived your life until you have ridden these scary rides. The best way to do that is to visit the Ohio Cedar Point Amusement Park, which lies near Lake Erie at Cedar Point of Ohio. The park has the Top Thrill Dragster, the second-tallest steel coaster in the world and the Millenium Force, one of the longest steel coasters in the world. The former takes the riders up to 400 feet high and a 90-degree drop in the speed of 120mph. The latter, on the other hand, takes people up to 310 feet high and has the speed of 93mph. Go for it and check it off your bucket list. Just make sure you don’t eat anything uncomfortable before the ride!

Go on an African Safari at the Masai Mara National Reserve (Kenya)

Africa must be the best place if you want to see wild, tropical animals being closest to them. The African Safaris in Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is truly satisfying since the reserve includes all kinds of wild animals, most of which are endangered, including baboons, buffalo, crocodiles, cheetahs, zebra, giraffes, and wildebeests. The Mara River that runs the course of the river is just an addition to the charm of the place. Although the place is pretty hot, you will not regret it if you go there from July to October, the rainy season of the region and also the best time for the animals to be active.

Bathe in the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is yet another way for you to relax in the water.  Located in a lava field in Grindavik, Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa, where the waters are steamy and rich in sulphur and silica. It has the constant temperature of around 38 degrees Celsius around the year that attracts lots of tourists for a long, natural and warm bath. Some people also go here for the treatment of skin diseases.  Maybe this is the ultimate solution to your acne problem? Better go and take a dip than regretting not going!

Learn to Master Chess

Remember that episode in F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Joey has no idea what his friends are talking about so he ends up reading a whole encyclopedia? Chess is something like that. People look down on people who can’t play chess (including yours truly!) The chess pros make us feel dumb. Other than that, this strategic board- game is one of the best ways to have a quality- time with your family, friends and even strangers. Master it, so that your name remains as one of the best chess- players in the family!

 Spend the Night at the Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana

The Myrtles Plantation is one of the most haunted houses in America. The house is located in st. Francisville, Louisiana and many visitors and passersby claim that numerous haunting events have occurred in this house. The house welcomes many tourists and visitors because of the stories of paranormal activities occurring there. The house is claimed as having more than 12 ghosts. Got chills? The house is now open as a bed and breakfast. Spend a night there and tell amazing stories to your grandchildren!

Attend a Blue Man Group Show

The Blue Man Group is an extremely entertaining group that does amazing shows in around 50 countries of the world. The blue men explore almost everything from music to tragedy and engage their audiences highly. Their themes are whole varieties of works including DNA, self-consciousness, life, gadgets, and what not! Sure, these entertaining bald men look terrifying with blue paint, but their shows are worth it!

Milk a Cow

If you were born in the countryside, you might have the experienced it. The experience is great and you will learn something amazing about how the milk you daily drink. Not just that, you will get to realize how farmers do it every day. Again, a great story to pass on. You might learn to appreciate these animals and how the world works as well. So, don’t be grossed out and just do it!

Chase a Tornado

Tornado is one of the most dangerous of storms and is very capable of taking lives. But what would it be like to have an up-close encounter with this big guy? Exhilarating, eh? However, you should not go chase a tornado on your own. Keep the company of a professional storm chaser. Sit beside them as they drive through the storm. This might also be your ultimate superhero moment!

Work for Tips

Why you ask? Because you will realize how working as a service- provider feels like. Dealing with people is the most difficult thing to do in this world. In addition, having to literally work to please these people so they leave you a little tip is the worst. You will never understand anyone unless you are really in their shoes. Therefore, just find a tip-earning job. Maybe that will make you give more tip next time you eat out and make people who just brought food to your table happy?

Ride the Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

The Rocky Mountaineer is a train that takes you through some of the most beautiful places in western Canada. The company’s four trains take the most beautiful routes between the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Their routes include Banff, Calgary, Kamloops, Jasper and the amazing Whistler in the Coast of Mountain’s Pacific Ranger. The Rocky Mountaineer has even won the title of the World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train at the World Travel Awards in 2005, 2006 and 2007. It was also one of the World’s Best Journeys, according to National Geographic. If that doesn’t excite you to go here, I don’t know what will!

Visit Machu Picchu, Peru

Situated in the beautiful Cusco Region of Andes in modern-day Peru, Machu Picchu is commonly known as The Lost City of the Incas. However, it is a beautiful 15- century site that lies at the height of 8,000 ft above the sea level. The site shows remnants of small residences, workshops, sanctuaries, temples, and parks. It gives you a pure 15th– century vibe that will make you appreciate how much the world has moved on.

Cage-Dive with Crocodiles in Australia

Crocodiles are scary. However, these animals, that can eat humans like a piece of cake, look so welcoming with their “smile.” This has always made many humans tempted to go near it. And now, there is a service for that! The Cage of Death in Darwin City, Australia allows you to stay up close with crocodiles with nothing but a thin glass cage in between. Sounds scary, since you have to remain underwater and experience a crocodile. However, you will have one of the best underwater experiences here.

Visit the Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum is an ancient Roman amphitheatre and modern museum located in Roma, Italy. This greatly famous building has been featured in a lot of movies by now. But it possesses more than mere popularity.  The Colosseum was a major complex where around 50,000 Romans gathered to entertain themselves through mock sea battles, bloody contests between gladiators, dramas and sometimes animals and humans hunts and slayings, The entire lower Colosseum would actually be filled with water to make the show realistic. So much history to see!

Fast for Three Days

Try not eating or drinking anything but water for three days. This has many positive effects on your body. It clears your stomach and helps you realize just how good you feel without the unhealthy food you consume.  The food you were not very fond of, also becomes yummy now, because of the newfound appreciation of food. Your digestive system will improve and your body will get rid of all kinds of toxins.  You will feel lighter and more cheerful. There is no reason not to try. If you become really weak, just eat something and try again next time!

Learn to Surf

If chasing a tornado is fun, chasing the waves of the ocean definitely is. You will be able to explore the ocean in her wilderness and involve yourself in it. You can use it to get the attention of your crush or just make your friends finally realize that you are very cool. Just join a surfing class and get started!

Be Part of a Flash Mob

The best thing about Flash Mobs is that it connects random strangers with each other. It is an example of how we can create something extraordinarily beautiful if we unite together. These flash moves are all about doing random things with many people in unison. Wikipedia also says that the purpose of the flash mob is entertainment, satire and artistic expression. Take part in this crazy way of uniting with complete strangers and feel completely confident about yourself again!

Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner

If you love terrifying thrills, then there are specific dinner and weekend events for you. These events are mostly mysterious that allows you to solve a murder. Yes, you get to be Sherlock Homes in this one! If this makes your body shiver and give you goosebumps, go ahead and make plans. They host events in different places. Google it and book a ticket for yourself. You

Collect Your Favorite Recipes

For the sake of legacy, of course! Learn cooking and make your favourite dishes. But most importantly, don’t forget to write it down. So that you create the same magic in your food every single time you make it until people crave for food specially made by you. Dramatically enough, you can give your legacy to your daughter before your journey comes to an end. That way, your body will decay, but your cooking-recipe legacy will definitely remain forever!

Swim With Dolphins

The talent of dolphins is no hidden secret. We all know how smart and entertaining these creatures are, which is why sharing the water with them might not be a bad idea. Several places host packages of swimming with dolphins and have given many people the privileged opportunity to explore the water with this human-intelligence- challenging, water-borne mammals and make amazing underwater friends!

Stay in an Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora

Bora Bora has a Society Islands of French Polynesia (Tahiti), which is extremely famous for a perfectly clear emerald- coloured lagoon which is surrounded by a barrier reef. People who visit this place are sure to get overwhelmed by beautiful white beaches, jet skis, and overlooks on and around Mount Otemanu. The hotels there are cheap but some are a little more expensive according to their services. Moreover, you can rent your own bungalows above the waters. You would love to spend a vacation with your family here.

Go Couchsurfing

There is a crazy organisation called CouchSurfing that helps people connect with each other by sharing their couches or any other spaces in their homes with one another. That means you literally surf for couches, visiting a stranger’s place and just sleeping in their couch. If you are not at all uncomfortable while doing so, go for it. It’s a great way to meet new people and make friends! However, be assured of your own safety.

Leave a Hefty Tip for Excellent Service

Sometimes, you have to give credit for having an excellent time in a restaurant. You got the appetizers right on time, your food was perfect, you got them on time, you didn’t find anything suspicious in your meal and your waiter was cheerful and positive the entire time. I don’t see why you should not give him/ her hefty tip they deserve. It will make their day and may even encourage them to continue working in the same way.

Eat a Six-Course Meal That You Prepared

Wake up early. Decide what you want to eat and go grocery shopping. Prepare everything yourself. (Maybe your recipe book from earlier will help!) Ask your partner or your roommate to join in and make amazing food together to finally sit down and enjoy the good food you just made! Imagine how fun that would be!

Eat Outside Your Comfort Zone

Many of us refuse to get out of our comfort zones when it comes to eating. We become too scared to taste anything new. But, what we don’t realize is, we are missing out on so many things! Not only does this widen our eating options, but it also makes us wonder about eating habits in different cultures. You get to explore things related to food!

Quit a Job That You Really Hate

This must be the most important thing in your bucket list. Working for someone you hate is living a cursed life. That is why you should quit the job. In addition to getting the utter satisfaction of politely telling your boss, “Enough is enough!” , quitting the job will also make you more confident and experienced. Your problem- tackling ways will be appreciated by people. That’s why you should leave the job you hate at least once in your life!

Kayak in the Bioluminescent Bay of Fajardo, Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican Bioluminescent Bay of Fajardo is a magical place in which the bay emits the magnificent blue- light because of bioluminescent plankton. The Bay of Fajardo is also commonly known as the place that has more bioluminescent wildlife than any other place on Earth. Would you not want to watch the water below you light up like your Kayak is some kind of super-cool UFO? If you would, make sure you visit the Bay of Fajardo on a particularly dark night. Moonlights are a huge bummer to this breathtaking phenomenon so make sure you go to observe it during the new moon.

Be a Movie Extra

Because you should have the experience of everything, you need to have an experience of being in a movie as well. While it is not very easy to get a chance, you must try and get it, so that you could play it to your children and proudly show yourself on whichever screen the time favours then. Other than that, you will get to learn so much about how these things you see daily on T.V works and also meet many important people.

Participate in Geocaching

Geocaching is generally hide-and-seek but a much larger version. The participants of this sport use a mobile GPS device and hide special containers called “geocaches” so that other people find it. People who hide the geocaches are the geocachers. They fill waterproof boxes with things of very less value and hide them anywhere they can. Yes, anywhere on Earth! The geocachers visit the geocaching website and post the latitude, longitude and other hints of where the geocash is. The finders use a GPS device or any other device to find out where the geocash is, travel there to find it and fill a log through the required logbook that would have been put along with a pen inside each geocash. Then, the finder grabs the intended item and replaces it with something else. Finally, they share their experience online! What a great way to travel the world!

Stand at the top the Eiffel Tower

You didn’t think we would complete this list without the Eiffel Tower, did you? Doesn’t matter; now that I have already placed it. Now, don’t cringe over the good ol’ “kissing-in-front-of-the-Eiffel-tower thing already! I have something else in mind. The Eiffel Tower is 1063 ft tall and its highest point accessible by humans is 900 feet high, from where, you get a breathtaking view of the city of Paris and the surrounding Champ de Mars- with the gorgeous greens everywhere!

Swim in the Devil’s Pool

While the Dead Sea was contrary to its name, the Devil’s Pool is not. It is located on top of the 355 feet high Victoria Falls waterfall at the very edge of it. The “pool” was naturally formed by a rock that sits perfectly at the edge of it. Which is why it is safe to take a deep in the pool in the months from September to December. While the dead sea is much safer, you can choose to take a plunge here if you are risky and adventurous enough!

Become Financially Literate

Let’s be frank, this bucket list won’t be completely checked off without this one. Learn everything related to finance so you have the complete control of it. Educate yourself about stock markets, inventory turns, treasuries, hedging, and so on so that you master this thing and then remain out of debt for your entire life. This is important because you need family and family needs good finance for the basic needs. This is why, keeping track of your finances and educating yourself well enough to spend your money wisely would not just be a bucket list, but also a life hack.

Become a Foster Parent

If you are thinking about why you need this, just think about giving every kind of love and support to a child who never had anything. While you may not be ready for a kid already, you can always support one by keeping him/her until their adapters are found. You will get to do a good deed while the child will get the love and support s/he needs. However, make sure you are capable of handling them and their expenses. You must treat them like your own child and make their fostering period as happy as possible. Those children deserve that.

Attend the Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is a country- music concert that started in 1925. The concert is held live on WSM-AM radio and internet radio in Nashville, Tennessee. The Opry has exhibited a large range of best past and present performers who perform including but not limited to, country music. The Opry does focus more on the country music, though. Legends of country music like Patsy Cline, Ernest Tubb, the Dixie Chicks, Brad Paisley, and even Garth Brooks have performed on stage. So you know what kind of country music participates in the Opry. Therefore, if you ever make your mind up to go to Nashville, make sure you attend this epic concert.

Visit Hershey’s Chocolate World

Who doesn’t love chocolates? If you said, “me” I know you are lying. These blissful pieces have the power to make your darkest day turn into a brighter one. So, why not go take a look at how it’s manufactured? Hershey’s World in Pennsylvania is just the right place for that. This is the place where “you can see how the chocolate is made, from the cocoa bean to the melt in your mouth piece of chocolate.” Once you enter the premises of Hershey’s World, you will be surprised by how it’s not only about the chocolates. They also have eateries, boutiques, exhibitions and myriad shops to keep you busy!

Learn CPR

You never know what you face in your life, which can give you the horrible of experiences. However, watching someone lose their life right in front of you is the most devastating one. Therefore, learn CPR. You can literally be the life-saving hero of anyone, anywhere. Therefore, having this one skill always hooked to you will give you so much satisfaction than watching someone die in front of your eyes.

Kick Negative Habits

Who doesn’t have bad habits? But what’s more important is how we choose to act on them. If we embrace our bad habits like we should have embraced ourselves, our life can walk downhill in no time. Be it smoking, drinking, swearing, overeating, procrastinating, anything! Just make an effort to give that away. Trust me, you will thank yourself later.

Attend the Midnight Screening of a Blockbuster Movie on Opening Day

If you have ever been in a fandom, you know what it is like to wait for years for your favourite movie. You would go out at midnight and watch the next blockbuster with your friends and have fun. However, most of the movies you expect to watch don’t make it to the Oscars, but the ones that have not been popularized in the market get nominated for it! Watch the midnight screening of those movies that have more content than fights and shoots. And when they win the Oscars, you know you have so much to brag about!

Watch a Movie at a Drive-In Movie Theater

I don’t know why this good old trend is not so trendy now. Nobody likes the fuss in a movie- theatre. On the other hand, at a drive-in theatre, you are free to do whatever you want in the privacy and comfort of your own car. You can discuss things about the movie with your friends without getting dirty looks from strangers, and also won’t have to be bothered by noisy people. This could be a great idea for a first date!

Have Your Portrait Painted

Having your or your family’s portrait painted can be one of the most antique things to do on this bucket list. However, this is also very heartwarming. People often take art for granted. They don’t appreciate it. This can be your own way to appreciate art and also give yourself and your family a great present.  Better, make a single portrait of everyone in your family and hang it on your living room wall.

Visit Vatican City and All of Its Attractions

While being the smallest sovereign states in the world, Vatican City has gorgeousness everywhere you go. With breathtaking architecture and magnificent sculptures and art from the Renaissance period, this might as well be the holiest place you will ever visit. Don’t worry if you are not religious, you are still welcome at the Vatican, which boasts the treasures of the world like the Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter’s Square, Saint Peter’s Basilica, and so much more.  You do not want to miss this extremely artistic and historical place.

Buy a Round of Drinks for the Whole Bar

As discussed earlier, making others happy is the best way to be happy. You know what your folks at the bar would be happy about, so just do it at least once in your life! Get that cheer from everyone on your payday. Instead of spending a lot of money on lord knows what, spend it on beer for people who love it!

Party at the Rio Carnival

Remember that Mardi Gras party we talked about earlier? Well, this is a much larger version of that. This might as well be the hugest party in the world. The Rio Carnival is a three- day carnival party that attracts millions of people each day. It is a yearly festival held just before the Lent and includes lots and lots dancing the samba and done by people wearing gorgeous costumes. Visit this place to have the most amazing time of your life.

Rescue a Dog/Cat From an Animal Shelter

Helping a living thing is always something that provides you with an immense amount of satisfaction. There are thousands of dogs patrolling the streets in the worst conditions ever. If you made an effort to give lives to at least one, it would definitely be great. You may not be able to pay for their medical expenses, but you can definitely pick them up and drive them to a good shelter where they will be treated well and sent to a perfect home. So, next time you see a suffering puppy on the sidewalk, don’t just have pity on him, pick him up and show him that humans can love and not just hate.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland

On March 17, entire Ireland celebrates St. Patrick’s day much like the Oktoberfest, since barrels of beer is gulped down by people. May other countries except Ireland celebrate this festival that includes drinking an unimaginable amount of green beer, mouth-watering feasts and exciting parades. While this festival is celebrated in America, Great Britain, Argentina, and even New Zealand, there is no place better than the original place, Dublin.

Visit the Louvre Museum

Located in Paris, France, the Louvre Museum is the most famous museums in the world. The museum boasts of having about 35,000 of priceless works of art and artefacts from prehistory to the late 19th century. The magnificent museum covers an area of a whopping 652,300 square feet. The original Mona Lisa, the Nike of Samothrace statue, Michelangelo’s Dying Slave sculpture, all of them are in the Louvre. So, while you are in Paris for mounting the Eiffel Tower, make sure to check this museum out. Once again, you will definitely not regret!

Participate in a Protest

Wait, wait, don’t just go to a protest. Find something you really believe in and about which you are passionate. Participate in (or even organize) a protest so that your voice and opinion about a matter is heard. While you are on it, make sure to be sincere for it. There are indeed many protests you can simply join in, but it’s no fun if you don’t really care about it. So go out and fight for what you believe in. (Not literally, though!)

Forgive and Let Go of Grudges

You know it, holding on to grudges does no harm to anyone else. All it does is harm you and disturb you. That is why you should learn to let go of grudges. They are good for nothing and are no help in moving on at all. It’s natural to be angry at someone, but learn to make peace with that. Otherwise, your happiness and peace are gone for life.

Visit the Auschwitz Concentration Camp

The Auschwitz Concentration Camps in the town of Oswiecim of Poland were a series of concentration camps where more than a million Jews and minorities were harshly killed in gas chambers, by starvation or disease from 1842- 1944. After the fall of the Nazis in 1947, Poland fairly designated Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II as museums. By now, more than 29- million people have visited the Auschwitz, with a million visitors each year. With so much of history and sacrifices, you have to go and pay your sincere respects to those who lost their lives during the Second World War.

Help Someone Else Fulfill a Goal

As said earlier, making others happy is the most satisfying thing you could ever do. This one is no less. Maybe your friend is struggling to see a certain number on the scale, maybe your little sister needs immediate help to make her career choices, maybe someone else is trying to save a certain amount of money to buy something they have always dreamed of. Help them. All they need is a few words of motivation and energy. Maybe give them some money if possible. But help them achieve their goal. The universe will pay you back later.

See a Performance at the Sydney Opera House, Australia

As one of the most recognized icons of Australia, the Sydney Opera House in Sydney Harbor has so much more to offer than just opera concerts, although that is what it is most famous for. More than a million people attend about 1,500 annual shows there. It has 2,679 seats- large Concert Hall with slightly smaller Opera and Theatre Houses. The performances range from natural opera to ballet to symphony. Many people are attracted to the Harbour just because of the unique lotus-like structure of the Opera House.  In addition to that, it also consists of many restaurants, playhouses, cafes, bars and also a recording studio.

Visit Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

Many of you might have already visited here, of course, but for those of you who haven’t you should know that this place is truly magical with so many rides, fireworks, live-action shows, princesses, castle and nice people all around. Not just that, but you can literally see a little bit of child in everyone here. The atmosphere is just so lively and, well, happy—just like our life used to be before life happened.

Write Yourself a Letter and Read it 10 Years Later

They say, we can write pages about someone else but we won’t even know what to write about ourselves. This task might be difficult, but doesn’t it sound something that will make you smile? Years after, when you would probably be married or at least well- settled with your life and would have already done at least half of the things on this bucket list, you suddenly find an enclosed envelope and realize that you completely forgot about it. Just imagine reading a letter from your current self and realizing you used to be so different. However, would you commit to it?

Acquire Persuasion Skills

Whether you are a business person, a writer or a full- time homemaker, you need persuasion skills wherever you go in life. If you can convince people that you are right, the world is in your hand. However, you should not use this talent to manipulate people. You should use it for your own growth and prosperity, without harming anyone. You can win an argument, but all you have to do is convince them you are right. You can easily sell a product of your business if you persuade people that it is exactly what they need. You will be a great parent if you can persuade your child to realize their mistakes and take responsibility for it. Since this skill is almost the only one to help you in each and every walk of life, is it not important to pursue it?

Go to the Airport and Take the Next Random Flight

Yes, do that! Without preparations, without anything, just go away from all your work and college problems and relax for a few days. This will just be the most adventurous thing you do because you don’t know where you are headed to until you buy your ticket! It sounds scary, but its exciting at the same time. If you somehow are short of money, your experience of working for tips will help you out. Just find a one- day or a  weekend job at a bar or a coffee house and get paid to spend it exploring this new place!

Do something that terrifies you.

You found the perfect job for you but you just can’t tell your boss to resign? You love singing but are not too comfortable singing in front of people? Do you have fear of heights, water, or closed spaces? Face the, face them all. That is the only solution to all your fears. Keep facing them until you have nothing else to fear about and you become invincible. Then, nobody can stop you from doing anything you want to do.

Build a Bonfire and Make S’mores

And finally, gather your homies. Make the bonfire, a large beautiful bonfire on a dark night, go out, and make s’mores. Talk about life and talk about the future. Share your feelings and play fun games. Sing songs and maybe even dance a little bit. I bet this one, after all the things on your bucket list, is going to the best because, often, the smallest things matter the most to us. Remember, life is not only about thrill and adventure, but it is also about love, friendship, art and all the little things that seem insignificant but are truly important to us.

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