10 Year Challenge – HOLI Version

Do me a favor lets play holi. But first let me take a selfie!!

Holi was a time where we used to wear already ruined clothes to make it even worse but seems like these past few years we are more into making Holi more of an “event” for our glamorous and pretty Instagram and Facebook post. 

There are so many changes these past few years with this festival. 

Let’s begin the 10 year challenge “Holi version” 

  1. 1 Throwing Lolaas At Strangers Pre-Holi VS. Planning Holi With Strangers


    There was a time where girls would have to run for their lives few days before the actual festival. And, now we are counting on how many people are attending a holi event before buying tickets!

  2. 2 Are Lolaas Still A Thing?


    With most of them just leaking and going to waste, Lolaas(balloons) are now just some favorite dinosaurs, Ross used to talk about.

  3. 3 Celebrating With Families At Home VS. Attending Concerts And Events


    Remember the time when you used to put colours at your dad’s face when he was asleep early in the morning? Now we do that to unsuspecting stranger while DJ ramps all of us up.

  4. 4 Wearing “Jhutro” Luga VS. Buying New Clothes Just For Holi


    There were specific white clothes you got for free on a rally so that you could wear it on Holi but now buying holi-tees “for the gram” just for the day is in.

  5. 5 Getting Super Ugly With Colours VS. Applying Perfect Amount Of Colours For Instagram


    Who has time for clicking perfect pictures when you don’t even recognize yourself in the mirror? Answer: We in 2019.

  6. 6 Masks And Glitter Faces


    There was a time where golden and silver glitters were all over our face and now is the time where we just reminisce those “golden” days. Get it?

  7. 7 Mixing Colours VS. Mixing Drinks


    To mixing different colours in the bucket and eventually turning them brown to mixing different drinks to make cocktails, we’ve come a long way.

  8. 8 1 Week's Preparation And Practice


    Best part of the holi was the preparation and “lolaa hanne” practice a week before the festival. Targeting people but end up wasting your water balloons was the most painful thing back in those days. 

    What were the things you used to do, before Holi was all about posting perfect candid pictures on Instagram? Do let us know about your experiences in the comments below  

    Also, SHARE it with your amazing friends and family members to remind them how they used to celebrate holi back in those days. 

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