10 Foods From Terai That The Rest Of Nepal Needs To Adopt ASAP

How we wish to have famous Terai foods in other parts of Nepal as well.

Terai is the food granary of Nepal as majority of the things that we Nepalese get to eat come from there. Just like at growing food, they are amazing at making food too.

So, here are some of the foods from Terai that the other parts of Nepal needs to adopt ASAP:

  1. 1 Bhakka

    Youtube/ VMAG

    Bhakka is a steamed rice flour cake which can be eaten as a breakfast, snack or like regular munchie. It goes very well with chocolate syrup and tomato pickle.

  2. 2 Fulki


    Before you scream pani-puri, it is not. It is rather really similar to pani-puri but it has more ingredients, spices and it is served hot and fresh.

    You've no idea how the best fulki tastes like if you haven't had them from Terai region!!

  3. 3 Farsi's Leaves Ko Taruwas


    Could you even imagine that a farsi could be made this way too?

    KUDOS to the thought itself!

  4. 4 Kasar


    Kasar is a mithai which is like a laddu and is made mostly during bartabandas. Also, Kasar is a very integral part of marriage ceremonies. Its main components are rice and brown sugar.

    Kasar is so soft and sweet. Its sweeter than the aunties that just pretend to be!!

  5. 5 Litti

    Youtube/ NishaMadhulika

    Litti is a complete meal. It is a dough ball made of wheat flour which has some saltiness, a little bit of sweetness and goes with any achaar.

  6. 6 Aaloo Ko Taruwa


    Aaloo taruwa is a sliced alu which is covered in spicy gram flour batter and deep fired. It is very crunchy, crispy, thin and you get very generous amount of aaloo with less batter.

    So don't worry, you won't be paying so much for just flour batter unlike in some places.

  7. 7 Baraf


    Baraf are very famous in the Terai regions as it not only tastes good but also kills the summer heat and refreshens us.

     Baraf is cheap and a smart choice that anyone could make as it tastes expensive!

  8. 8 Lai

    Youtube/ Food Fusion

    If happiness was made into laddus, it will be Lai. Lai means puffed rice or bhuja. It is known as 'lai ko dalla or murai ko dalla' in the terai regions. This is the chruchiest and the best laddu which fills your stomach with pure happiness.

  9. 9 Maduwa

    Youtube/ Ragini

    Maduwa, also known as ragi is a common name of Finger Millet can be used for making rotis, laddus, halwa and many more. It has several helath benefits like it controls diabetes, reverts skin agining, helps in weight loss and many more.

    What more do we need if has good taste as well as health benefits??

  10. 10 Thekuwa


    Thekuwa is another sweet made of rice flour which is very crispy and is similar to roth (Newari food). Way it breaks in your mouth is so amazing.

    It has a touch of crisp and sweetness to it.

    Have you tried them? If you have then, tell us in the comment section below if we missed out on any incredible foods from Terai. If not you have been majorly missing in life.

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